The Map-editor just qiut!

  • Dear creators!

    I have a very big problem!

    I'm making a map for lotus, and the last few hours, the map editor drop out from the game. And that's not just my problem. The map editor, when i place a railtrack (egardless of its length), it's loading and freeze for a 2-3 minutes, and its very very annoying!!! I have a very very good PC: Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core 4.00 GHz, 8,00 GB RAM, Video Card: GTX 1050 Ti.

  • Hello creators!

    Sorry i didn't sent the log file, i haven't time for it. But i need a very FAST answer because i can't save my map, and i don't want to lost 60+ minutes work :(

    -EDIT: I resolved the problem, i pressed again the set all button, and it finally saved the map :)

    But, that was the error message:

    TMapTileEdit.WriteSurfacesToStream (1) - This is when i click save button.

  • If you do not send a logfile and do not answer the questions nobody can help you.

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  • If you want an answer, you need to react to what people, who are trying to help, say. They cannot help you without further information and they told you so. You demand that people take the time to help you and yet you don't even take the time to send a logfile which, literally, takes less time than typing this post.

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