LOTUS Patch notes

  • Small Content Patch

    - Diorama: Back panel of the depot added

    - Depot of Julian: Mapping mistakes at glass and clock fixed

    - Callbox of Phillip: Mipmaps added

    - Further objects of Phillip: Mipmaps everywhere :)

    Best regards :)

  • 1.EA.017

    - Simulation/ContentTool - Bugfix: Bug with alpha channel (transparency for example) of DDS textures finally fixed!

    - Simulation: Track quality is now inherited from track properties in the Map Editor. The current values may have to be properly adjusted!

    - Simulation - GUI: Scrollbars sped up when clicking on the arrow buttons

    - Simulation - GUI: Dropdown menus can now be scrolled (Vehicle choice, repaints, maps, ...)

    - Simulation - GUI: Advanced scrolling with mouse wheel and some bug fixes concerning this

    - Simulation - Bugfix: If the Standard PIS file of a map is missing, the Simulation no longer crashed

    - ContentTool/Simulation: Animations added for modules

    - ContentTool/Simulation: Correction in the Shader code - "Factor from alpha channel" now has an impact on the detail map and the "hard" alpha transparency

    - ContentTool/Simulation: Material property 'Texture offset in X or Y direction' added

    - ContentTool: Only animation types can be created that fit the object

    - ContentTool: Warning added for working directories inside the LOTUS directory

    - ContentTool, Bitmap-Fonts: Understandable error message added when the formats of the textures do not fit each other

    - MapEditor: Adding a <br> into an Init string variable, leads to a proper word wrap

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: Train leaves the visible track. But only for future situations! Existing situations have to be located in the Map Editor, open the properties of the concerned track and close them again. Then save.

    - MapEditor: "Delete all" button added for missing content

    - MapEditor: Creating a new object with "N" no longer resets the object list.

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: Empty object lists on new map

    Language: New entries!

  • 1.EA.017E

    - Simulation: Switching off the Per-Pixel-Illumination no longer leads to bugged graphic effects (everything white)

    - Content: GT6N - missing not-detail-light source in the cockpit added

  • 1.EA.021

    Today's patch introduces countless changes to LOTUS. We explicitly recommend to backup your current work before. Should you run into problems, please use our support forum. Should you encounter improvements, we are looking forward to your feedback. Now, have a lot of fun reading and downloading! :)

    1. Vehicle filters

    It is now possible to set up a lot of basic informations for vehicles as a content developer - manufacturer, preferred area of operation, operator or technical information. The corresponding lists can be found in the ContentTool, tab "Manufacturer, description, ...", if you loaded a vehicle.

    In the current state, those lists are meant to be extended. If you miss a special entry for your project, please tell us right here in the forum and we will add it later.

    As a player, however, you can filter through any of your installed vehicles. It is mandatory to choose a LOTUS module and a vehicle type. But if you refine the filter further is up to you. :)

    We think that with increasing amount of different vehicles in LOTUS the necessity for filters will come up. This is why we wish to encourage every vehicle builder to set up the filters for their projects so they can be found with the filter for ever. :)

    2. 64bit

    In this patch we added an experimental version of 64bit LOTUS and the final 64bit version of the ContentTool. Please have a look and report bugs, if you find some.

    With 64bit LOTUS all scripts have to be recompiled in the ContentTool, for vehicles and scenery objects as well. To work with 64bit LOTUS, the scripts have to be created with the 64bit ContenTool! It creates from now on always the 32bit script and the 64bit, as well. The applications Compiler32/64.exe are used by the tool to do so.

    Objects and vehicles that have not been compiled with 64bit ContentTool will be marked in the Logfile and will not work with 64bit LOTUS.

    64bit LOTUS will not cause a performance improvement on itself, but big maps should no longer cause problems upon loading or switching back to the main menu.

    One of the pitfalls that we encountered during 64bit implementation was our inputs API, which handles all the inputs from the player (mouse, keybord, controller), since there is no 64bit version of it. But this library is essential to LOTUS for a perfect and complete game controller support as well as force feedback functions. So in case you need controller support with the 64bit LOTUS, a 32bit input application is launched by LOTUS that handles the controller input and passes it to LOTUS. Should you encounter problems with that system (your antivirus beefs, your game controller does not work, ...) please report to us!

    3. Performance improvement?

    During January we took some time to improve the performance in LOTUS. Besides some changes that are hard to explain, we introduced a new graphics option, which you can use to set up the maximum object visibility.

    According to this, objects with higher distance are not shown. As always, we provided some option presets for you, but best is if you check out the new options on your own and find a good point between visibility distance and the performance on your PC.

    Invisible objects do not execute scripts per default, since those are in crowd very performance relevant! But object creators will find a new option in the ContentTool, which you should deal with. Traffic lights or signals for example can be seen very far. For this purpose, a new SimStep_LOD procedure has been added, that will be executed (if implemented) every time, the object is above the player set viewing distance and below the creator set lighting distance. Only above lighting distance the object, its scripts and lights will be completely shut down.

    For special objects, like the ones who have sound sources (e.g. bell towers), instead of a light distance an option can be set, that the object should always execute the LOD-script. This way it can be heard, even if it is hidden.

    To cut a long story short: The new options enable you more settings to refine the maximum performance out of your PC. We hope you like it! :)

    4. Patch feature overview

    - Simulation: Maximum object distance added to improve performance

    - Simulation: Whole vehicle filter GUI added - the map- and entry point specific functions are not yet added!

    - Simulation: Check boxes "Per Pixel lighting" are temporarily disabled

    - Simulation: If building night textures have a black alpha channel, the night texture is disabled (instead of being controled by the street light variable)

    - Simulation: Additional logfile entries upon loading a map

    - Simulation: Empty option files are ignored and recreated instead of crashing the apps

    - Simulation: Containers with the same name in different folders do no longer overwrite each other

    - Simulation: Configuring game controller axles is now more easy due to a damping

    - Simulation: GUI: Missing scrollbars added to further combo boxes

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Street lights that use "NightVar" work again properly

    - Simulation: Error message, if the workshop item list can not be created

    - Simulation/ContentTool: 64bit support added!

    - Simulation/ContentTool: DXT5 textures are now supported!

    - Simulation/ContentTool: The processes that compile the scripts and handle the game controller are now placed in the LOTUS directory and are launched from there. If you anti virus software does not like that, you should whitelist them.

    - ContentTool: Vehicle filters, vehicle name and description can now be configured. Should you miss any entries, please report!

    - ContentTool: Light effects can be configured to increase with distance

    - ContentTool: Object parameter added: Maximum distance for light effects and the option to enable the LOD-script, in case the object is too far away

    - ContentTool: SimStep_LOD() added: Is called instead of Simstep() only every 10 frames as soon as the object is no longer visible, but in range for the light effect. If no LOD script is defined, no script is executed.

    - ContentTool: Under "test environment" is a button that outputs the current state of a script/text texture in two bitmaps (color and alpha channel). You can use it to properly align a text in Blender, for example.

    - ContentTool: Text on text texture can now be aligned to the top and bottom edge, as well

    - ContentTool: The script variable test window now correctly interprets the chars "<br>" into a word wrap, so you can test multi line text textures, as well

    - ContentTool: Traffic signs and traffic lights no longer cause the warning to be too small for CAT1

    - ContentTool: Bugfix: Material parameter "Causes shadow" is now correctly labeled

    - MapEditor: The standard position of switches can now be set, as well as blocking switches

    - MapEditor: To accelerate saving maps, the auto backup function was removed. Instead, please execute backups often and on your own (:pack:)!

    - MapEditor: The terrain algorithm is only activated if the current work step is completed (e.g. creating a spline)

    - MapEditor: The height and gradient of end points of absolute splines and tracks can now be set relative to the terrain (by using the "Z=" button in the top tool bar)

    - MapEditor: Upon changing the current tool, the MapEditor remembers the last marked object and remarks it upon returning to the corresponding tool.

    - MapEditor: Right clicking an object causes it to be marked in the object list

    - MapEditor: Simple splines can be marked in the object list, as well

    - MapEditor: "Normal" saving has been improved and is now faster!

    - MapEditor: Refreshing function for single objects added: Only the immediate environment of the marked object (spline/polygon) is calculated and only its channel (marking layer, for example) is regenerated. --> Please note: Before the last saving of the map you should generate the whole tile again. Otherwise the areas of the map are empty. In addition, it occurs that the edge of the object environment is not clean. Generate the whole tile to fix this.

    - MapEditor: Spline disconnect function added

    - MapEditor: Map choosing window now allows double clicks to open a map ;)

    - MapEditor: Bugfix: If the last saving of the map was done with Ctrl+S, missing objects could not be replaced

    - MapEditor: Bugfix: If a track was changed in height belated, the connections to neighbor tracks broke down and the train derailed

    - MapEditor: Additional logfile entries for "Clicking left mouse button"

    - MapEditor: Aerial image download is now logged in the debug logfile

    - MapEditor: Workshop item list is now named "wsitems.cfg". Please start LOTUS once after updating!

    - Content: Some traffic light added in fir green

    - Content: The standard car traffic light have now new light effects

    - Content: GT6N is 64bit compatible

    - Content: Further Berlin buildings added

  • 1.EA.021a

    - Simulation: Keyboard issue (some keys not working) with 64bit fixed

    - Simulation: GUI: Filter button "Clear all filters" now correctly inverted

    - Simulation: GUI: Hints added for vehicle types and clear filter buttons

    - Simulation: GUI: Repaint dropdown now shorter

    - Simulation/ContentTool: Some requested vehicle filters added

    - Content: Church, depot and clock house have now a 64bit script :)

  • 1.EA.024

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Crash upon saving a vehicle configuration

    - Simulation: Recall of a compatibility test that caused missing lights, screenshot crashes and so on

    - Simulation: Further logfile entries for "CalcMT RLI / Argument out of range" exception

    - Simulation - Bugfix: After using Alt+Tab, the keyboard input did not work anymore

    - Simulation/ContentTool: Vehicle description texts switched to language file entries: You do not anymore enter the vehicle descrition in the ContentTool directly, but instead a language ID that is resolved within an existing or to be created language file. It is convetion to use "[vehicle name].description" as the ID - example: "GT6N.description". This enables localized vehicle descriptions! Since you should already have created a language file for your vehicle for realtime help and vehicle hints, you can just add the description to that language file as usual. Check the (German :( ) lexicon article, if you are not sure: Fahrzeug-Hints

    - MapEditor: Parking lots introduced (category "helper"). Those can be placed individually on the map and will be filled with cars corresponding to the user option setting "Parking cars". Therefore, in the MapEditor "Parking car lists" can be created and filled with objects of the type "Parking car" - including repaints!

    - MapEditor: Parameters "Cuts lower priority" and "Is cut by higher priority" activated, hence they will be considered upon terrain generation. Especially the polygon count and duration of the cutting algorithm can be reduced, if the pavement polygons that end beneath (behind) the curbstone, have switched of setting "Is cut" switched off, since the curbstone hides the pavement anyway. Of course the setting must not be switched off, if the pavement contains tracks, since those shall cut. :) Upon laying tracks, "cut" and "is cut" is always switched on.

    - MapEditor: Cutting terrain splines can be used as track bed, as well

    - MapEditor: Object search text field added above the object list

    - MapEditor: 2D view is now rotatable. Please note: The hot keys have been changed, hence the map can be moved with Shift+Mousewheel (press), like in the 3D view. Hence the rotation can be done with pressing the mouse wheel only.

    - MapEditor: Objects can be copied with [C], as well, while object type and rotation of the currently marked object are applied.

    - MapEditor: Control "Set all cut" added to the tool bar. It causes the check boxes "Cuts lower priority" and "Is cut by higher priority" to be set at all splines and polygons of the current center tile. Use carefully!

    - MapEditor: Further logfile enties added for "map calcmt part b" crash

    - MapEditor/ContentTool: In the material settings, "cut flags" can be set that enable or disable cutting for specific meshs or enable cutting ONLY for specific meshs, that are not visible, and to enable meshs to cut the marking layer. Sample applications: Grooved rails have a relatively complex visible mesh that complicates the cutting algorithm unneccessarily. With the new settings, a simple topping mesh (a rectangle from left edge to the right edge) is added, which is not visbile, but cutting. Another example are vertical meshs that drive the cutting algorithm crazy from time to time, for example at curbstones. Those vertical meshs can be replaced by non-vertical cutting meshs.

    - ContentTool: Safety request, if diameter of visual light source is set to 0

    - ContentTool: New category "Parking car" added

    - ContentTool: Further forms of visual light sources added (two types of bars, square, triangle). Upon request, we can add further ones.

    - ContentTool - Bugfix: Access violation upon bogie creation removed

    - Content: Stop modules for express bus, tram and metro bus added

    - Content: Team ViewApp's splendid AI cars added for free use:

    - Content: Shininess of point blades of "grooved 2" tracks repaired

    - Content: All traffic lights revamped and updated

    - Content: Curbstones 5x15 and 15x15 repaired

    - Content: Old grooved rails now cut the marking layer, as well

    - Content: New road supplies from RW1HH :

    - Language - changed entries:

    -- cont.objveh.cpMMDC.lblDescription ==> "Description Language ID:"

    -- Editor.QI.Cam2D ==> "Move map: Drag with right mouse button + [Shift], rotate map: Drag with right mouse button; Zoom map: Turn mouse wheel"

    + a lot of new entries! :)

  • 1.EA.024a

    - Simulation: Option added to play LOTUS sounds in background, as well (tab "Sound")

    - MapEditor: Upon copying objects, the init-parameters are copied, as well

    - MapEditor: Some usability added to the park list windows to prevent crashes

  • 1.EA.025

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Problems on clicking on an object in the simulation

    - Simulation: Reduced texture resolution has now a control to be set in steps - the control for rear scenery objects is currently not working!

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Multithreading-caused flickering of meshs, whose visibility was set by the script, fixed

    - MapEditor: Key [N] is working now with subgrades, reference lines, polygons, splines, tracks, catenaries and ties, as well

    - ContentTool/MapEditor: Added priorities for light sources

    - Content: Stop shelter Hackescher Markt added

    - Language: New entries!

  • 1.EA.025b

    - Content: ViewApps's AI cars have now mipmaps and are hence no longer black, if you reduce texture resolution

    - Content: New street fence

    - Content: Three new Berlin buildings

    - Content: Phillip's Container (Persil clock etc.) brought up to date, including 64bit script

    - Content: Julian's depot - black textures fix

  • 1.EA.027

    - All: 64bit version can now be used with graphics cards from ATI, as well

    - Simulation: Changes to the texture loading process to reduce loading stutter

    - Simulation: Multiple performance improvements

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Creating screenshots with 64bit is possible again

    - Simulation/MapEditor: New informative logfile entry, if a DDS texture has no MipMaps

    - Simulation/MapEditor - Bugfix: Non-transparent scenery meshs are now visible through transparent splines

    - MapEditor: Objects can be set invisible (reference lines, subgrades and scenery objects)

    - MapEditor: Numerical input for Z-movement enabled

    - MapEditor: Further performance optimizations

    - MapEditor: Option added to switch the shift key effect in 2D view

    - MapEditor: If "Z=" is enabled for scenery objects, the "relative height"-button in the toolbar is now properly considered

    - MapEditor: Error catched, which occured upon changing the left tab during spline editing

    - MapEditor: During numeric input upon shifting along the Z axis, the entered value is interpreted relatively to the origin before moving

    - MapEditor: If you press [enter] while the focus stands on one of the text fields in the upper toolbars, it will now loose the focus and you will not see the confirmation message a second time. But you have to set the field's focus now again, if you would like to change the parameter again.

    - MapEditor: Until now, subgrades of lower priority have been "deformed" by neighbor subgrades of higher priority. This behaviour could be undesirable, if two sub grades with different heights lie closely together. Now you can inhibit this behaviour by deactivating the check box "Smooth transition to neighbor subgrades".

    - MapEditor: During saving, the WhileSaving folder is moved to the Export folder. If that fails, the WhileSaving folder is not loger deleted anyways.

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: Splines are now split where the poles are

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: If parking boxes are removed, no cars should spawn at this place

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: Attachpoints of splines are now fixed

    - ContentTool: Option "sharp texture" added to text/script textures

    - ContentTool: Rebuild of the RC_PantographApplied variable

    - ContentTool: Warning, if a DDS texture has no MipMaps

    - Content: A lot new Berlin buildings added

    - Content: Berlin street name signs added in longer and shorter

    - Content: Special modules for Berlin stops added

    - Content: New Road supplies and Basic textures from RW1HH - PLEASE NOTE: If you use the road markings, you have to generate your map tiles again to see them again!

    - Content: New sidewalk type added with different widths

    - Content: New curbstone type for stop areas added

    - Content: Traffic light modules with not-yet-working functions (lights-on-demand and switch signales) are now dark

    - Language: New entries!

    - Language change: Editor.Main.ppmSelectUseZ ==> "Set height relative to terrain (using "Z=" in toolbar)"

  • 1.EA.028

    - Simulation/ContentTool: 64bit is now activated per default. If you experience problems with it, the 32bit version is still in the LOTUS directory an can be launched instead.

    - MapEditor: Option added, if :refresh: is activated by default or not

    - ContentTool/MapEditor: New category "Traffic buildings" for stations, depots, loc sheds, signal towers, etc.

    - Content: Traffic light modules added for left- and right turns, type 1_gr

    - Language: New entries!

  • 1.EA.028a

    - MapEditor: Vast performance improvement while laying tracks

    - ContentTool: Additional vehicle filters for Wiener Linien and KTs

    - Content: New street light type D

    - Content: Further Berlin buildings

    - Language: New entries!

  • Hello!

    We scheduled a large patch for presumably Thursday. We ask you to make precautious backups of your work in the Content-Tool and the Map-Editor, since the patch brings a lot of bigger changes.

    Best regards



  • 1.EA.031

    **** PLEASE NOTE: Important changes to the map and vehicle file format! Please make backups :pack:! ****

    - Simulation: Setting up vehicle constants is now possible

    - Simulation: More precise log entries concerning taking screenshots

    - MapEditor: From now on, bridges are possible! Please stick by the lexicon article exactly! :) The function :refreshmt: from now on works only with the layer set in the tool bar.

    - MapEditor: Vehicle lists for entrypoints and (later) AI, as well, added.

    - MapEditor: Further properties of entrypoints can now be configured: gauge, length and power supply, as well as the assignment of vehicle lists for the three magic buttons in the Singleplayer config (random vehicle etc.) added

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: Preview images could not be saved

    - MapEditor: F5 key removed

    - ContentTool: Vehicle constants can now be configured - those will be used by vehicle creators to configure fine distinct details between vehicles of - usual - the same type, for example an additional middle entry, etc.

    - ContentTool: In the vehicle filter, entrypoint compatibility can be set up as well (power supply), so that if the user limits his vehicle filter to the entrypoint compatible vehicle, this value will be used. The gauge is used as well, but currently not the length.

    - ContentTool: The variables "veh_number" (car number) and "veh_registration" are now set by the simulator and can be used in the script. Vehicle creators can now use them to define number-dependend designs and defects.

    - ContentTool: Introduction of the script procedure "InitializeAfterConstSet", which is called after the vehicle constants, car number and registration have been set.

    - ContentTool: Module communication via broadcasts added (see lexicon).

    - Content - GT6N: Car number added

    - Content - GT6N: PIS display in all cars added

    - Content - GT6N: PIS module communcation changed to the new broadcast commands - addon modules have to be reconfigured!

    - Content: Texture patch Audi, to remove the white gap on mipmaps

    - Content: Yufas container updated

    - Content: TrafficLight_1_gr_F3.lob repaired

    - Content: Further Berlin buildings and a small wall :)

    - Content: Correction of the lash lamps (?), they should now light with switched of detail light sourced, as well (container from Rolf)

    - Language: New entries!

  • 1.EA.036

    - Simulation: Wheel sets only bounce (spring) vertically and do not rotate against their mounting

    - Simulation: Outside camera no longer tilts with the vehicle, but always remains horizontally

    - Simulation: Mesh details of the user vehicle are displayed in Map cam (F4) like in outside cam (F3)

    - Simulation: More logfile entries for Gonzo

    - Simulation - Bugfix: it's not longer necessary to select the second GT6N of a train to set up the matrix correctly

    - Simulation - possible Bugfix: "map calcmt part b" error

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Previously as empty configured module slots have been set to "default" erroneously

    - Simulation - Bugfix: Problems with parked vehicles on tile switches

    - ContentTool/Simulation: Route and destination switch during route possible

    - ContentTool: Basic PIS files now contain routes!

    - ContentTool: Special PIS files can now be created!

    - ContentTool: Broadcasts can now be forwarded through the whole train. Therefore the couplings need to open kind of "ports" with:

    procedure CoupleBroadcastBus(self: integer; busID: string; couplingindex: byte);

    procedure UncoupleBroadcastBus(self: integer; busID: string; couplingindex: byte);

    - ContentTool: Meshs in the right list can now be assigned a category. Therefore, please select one or multiple meshs and right-click them to enter a category name. All following meshs of the same category will have that title..... just check it out by yourselves. ;)

    - ContentTool: System variable "date" added

    - ContentTool: Script function function DecodeDateFullyGetLeap(const DateTime: single; var Year, Month, Day, DOW: Word): Boolean; added, which can be used to decode the date into readable vars

    - ContentTool: Light effect "ring" added

    - ContentTool: After changing an animation, the animation window is scrolled to the last changed animation. Additionally, the animation windows has been enlarged and the properties can be opened with a double click (like in other windows, as well)

    - ContentTool - Bugfix: The invisible modules moved the module list and hence the listing of vehicle constants was wrong.

    - ContentTool - Bugfix: Error removed, which occured when a recently created vehicle constant was deleted

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: Crash of terrain cutting upon very complex tiles

    - MapEditor - Bugfix: if Spline A is marked, the attempt to edit the triangle at Spline B fails and the user is no longer editing Spline A

    - MapEditor: Error message added in case of choosing a track type, that uses a component, which is no longer available

    - Content - GT6N: Ticket validator and stop request system incl. button and display added

    - Content - GT6N: Attendant's light added

    - Content - GT6N: IBIS now support routes, destination changes in the route and automatic change from old to new route according to the PIS file

    - Content - GT6N: Inside stop displays now show the stops and switch into the line/destination mode when a door is opened

    - Content - GT6N: Now with dead man's switch and AO textures

    - Content - GT6N: Grabpoles, ticket validators and ticket automat switched to outside-yellow

    - Content - GT6N - Bugfix: Dead man's switch locked rear driver's desk

    - Content - GT6N: As long as the train assembling switch is correctly set, the displays of the front car is applied to the rear car

    - Content - Diorama: Default positions of the switches correctly set

  • 1.EA.037

    - ContentTool: From now on the green channel of the AO texture can be used for artificial lightings. In case you use an AO texture that is black-white only, the AO texture will be used during artificial light, as well, alternatively you can specifically add and bake shadows for artificial lights.

    - ContentTool: Display of the current line of additional string edits in the special PIS tool

    - ContentTool: Problems on deleting routes fixed

    - ContentTool: The PIS tools now use the 0th string for lists and filter - and not the ID. This aims to be easier to read.

    - Content - GT6N: The A-car got baked shadows of the inside lights for testing.

    - Content - GT6N: Alpha and normal maps for the outside textures finished

    - Content - GT6N: Night lighting bugs in the driver's cabin fixed

    - Content - GT6N: Setpoint generator - Gamecontroller support fxied