LOTUS Patch notes - 1.EA.110a

  • Zero hour - what works in :lotus: and what doesn't.


    - Load maps and vehicles

    - Physics of rails, even complex configurations like Z-position, 'levitating' middle parts or Jacobs bogies

    - System simulation / execute scripts
    - Coupling / decoupling

    - Catenaries and panthograph

    - Day-/Night- and Year course

    - Individual realtime aid on maloperation

    - Realtime lighting, dynamic shadows, gloss, normal mapping, parallax occlusion, particle systems

    - Sounds

    - Gamecontroller support, gamecontroller and keyboard setup individually

    - VR support

    - Plugin interface

    Content Tool

    - Comprehensive content management system

    - Scenery object, spline and vehicle creation, import and configuration

    - Comprehensive material configuration with testing directly at the vehicle

    - Comprehensive animation, lighting and vehicle behaviour configuration

    - Import and compile scripts, testing directly at the vehicle

    - Mesh animations

    - Create sound sets and implement to the vehicle

    - Create languages

    Map Editor

    - Construct subgrades

    - Place scenery objects and

    - Lay tracks, curbstones, street markings and other splines

    - Frog and blade generator

    - Terrain polygons with individual materials

    - Construct complex crossings with terrain cutting algorithm

    - Lay simple- and catenaries incl. Z-shape

    - World coordinate system

    - Direct download and precise placing of OpenStreetMap maps or maps from individual sources

    - Direct download of DEM

    Known big bugs:

    - Game: Tile shift is not perfectly clean (Scenery flickers for one frame)

    - Map editor: Cutting algorithm sometimes defective (rare triangular shaped holes in the terrain)

  • Janine

    Closed the thread.
  • 1.EA.002

    Like successfully voted here there is a little patch now, which allows you to find very first traffic lights at the Diorama map. This means that the Map Editor is now capable of basic traffic light systems. For the fast and valuable modelling of traffic lights we'd like to thank Team ViewApp!

    Next we will subtilize the traffic light system. Further models, even tram signals, requests, traffic lights for pedestrians and the timed control of different operation modes will follow up.

    So this patch is a first glance at what you can expect and to play around a little with it. :)

  • 1.EA.003

    - Simulation: The font which was set in the language tool, will now be used by LOTUS - very importing for languages with letters from Unicode e.g. cyrillic or chinese.

    - Simulation: The LOTUS font got many new latin letters with diacritical letters (e.g. é, ç, č or ñ) uses in many european languages. We will add further later.

    - MapEditor: While reserving tiles for a multiplayer map in the fictional world, you now can switch over the map so you can orientate yourself with the help of the real world map.

    - MapEditor: Added information message that you cannot reserve tiles for a real world multiplayer map without activation by us.

    - Added OpenSource directory which contains all GT6N scripts and the directory of our "Diorama" map, which can be used by the MapEditor (but you have to copy it first in your MapEditor working directory!).

    - Language files: If you are working on a translation of our language files, you have to change the following ID text:

    * Editor.Msg.NoMP ==> "Usually here would appear the question if the map should be playable in multiplayer or not. Since you have just installed the MapEditor, we want you to get a little bit familiar with it before you begin a multiplayer map! :-) We wish you much fun!

    Hint: The patch will be unlocked in a few minutes. We will restart our Server and it will not available for that moment.

  • 1.EA.004

    - ContentTool/Simulation: Street vehicle class (e.g. busses) added in order to enable their import to LOTUS. They can not be driven! Configurations of scripts, sounds, animations, lights, materials and so on can be done with the ContentTool and tested in the simulation.

    - MapEditor: High resolution middle tile has explicitly to be switched on (MapEditor options)

    - MapEditor: Singleplayer maps can be created without DEM

    - Simulation: Additional debug logfile entrys for those who can not start LOTUS or load a situation...

    - Simulation, GUI: Edited some labels of the options
    - Simulation, GUI: Fixed the Alt-menu showing up in the loading screen

    - Simulation, GUI: Escape menu does no longer "overlay"

    - Simulation, GUI: News on the main screen do not change color with GUI Night mode

    - Correction of language files neccessary:
    - gen.key2.75 : "Num 4" instead of "4"
    - gen.key2.76 : "Num 5" instead of "5"
    - gen.key2.77 : "Num 6" instead of "6"

    - main.framestart.buyrails.memo - added Steam engines, removed guided busses

    - main.framestart.buystreets.memo: added guided busses

    In addition, the English language file can be found in the OpenSource folder of LOTUS. To append your translation with language IDs that have been added lately, please have a look at the guide. :)

  • 1.EA.005

    - Map-Editor: Track qualities "flat groove" and "very smooth" added for highspeed trains added

    - Map-Editor: Please have a look at the bug that the Editor stops cutting the tiles - could be better or fixed now?

    - Map-Editor: Bugfix: Splines that have been marked as secondary (Ctrl) were orange, now they are properly blue

    - Simulation: Leaving a driving vehicle no longer causes it to stop

    - Simulation: Changed hotkeys:

    Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W: Performance measuring

    Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E: Variables plotting (for Script debugging)

    - Simulation: Script: Coupling and setting of coupling vars are set before the initialize procedure

    - Simulation: jitano and Patrick could be able to start LOTUS now? Please check

    - Simulation/Map-Editor: Further logfile entries to analyze the problems at the startup of LOTUS (Intel HD graphics) and the freeze of the cutting algorithm - please have a look and post the debug logfile again. Thanks!

    - ContentTool: Footprint creation error does no longer show up if the footprint is disabled

    - Content: Added 1000mm ties and ballast bed

    - Simulation: Language ID "event.EmergencyBrake" added

  • 1.EA.006

    - MapEditor: Adding/Removing/Editing of tile reservations is now possible

    - MapEditor: Bugfix - Subscribed Workshop items are now visible in the Editor. After first download of a new Workshop item, LOTUS has to be started once in first place in order to make the new objects visible for the Editor.

    - MapEditor: Bugfix - Crash after moving or rotating polygon texture without marking the polygon fixed

    - Simulation: Bugfix - 1-pixel-overlapping to second, left monitor fixed

    - Simulation: Further debug logfile entries added in order to analyze the problems of Intel HD Graphics. Please attach further debug logfiles after patch.

    - Translators: New language file entries!

    - Known Bugs: Currently it's not possible to execute tile reservations with TeamIDs - the private ID is used always. This will be fixed within a short time. :)

  • 1.EA.007

    - All: Fixed bug "CRTOC 7" - it caused some crashes of LOTUS and the Editor

    - Simulation: Further logfile entries to analyze the map loading crashes of the Intel HD Graphics people

    - Simulation: Further logfile entries for the bug of jitano

    - Simulation: Fixed bug upon shadow creation on startup

    - MapEditor: Futher logfile entries for the bug of centipede

    - MapEditor: Possible reason for logfile entry "Warning: Item manager: tried to remove item with unknown index: Final Mesh Set ID = 1, layer = 0 (TGObjMapTileFinalSurface)" fixed?

    - All: Information 32bit/64bit now in logfile header

    - Language file: "editor.params.AerialCenterTileHiRes" renamed to "editor.params.name.AerialCenterTileHiRes"

  • 1.EA.008

    - Simulation: Additional logfile entries for jitano

    - Simulation: Additional logfile entries for leuchte

    - Simulation: Crash on derail fixed

    - MapEditor: Name and description of a map can be changed - currently does NOT affect the Name in Tile reservations on Planet - going to fix that later, maybe today

    - MapEditor: Map can be marked as Public Domain. After export and transfer it can be opened and edited by other people without them having proper rights

    - MapEditor: Map can be assigned a new ContentID, even if it is an external map that shall be transfered as an own map. ONLY works with Singleplayer maps!

    - MapEditor: The object list on the right side is now more efficient on changing tool or filter, we added a list view with small thumbnails and it is now possible to mark objects as favorites to filter them separately

    - MapEditor: Full support of Team reservations of map tiles added. Reservations can only be done by the team admin.

    - MapEditor: Terrain materials can now be saved and loaded from files

    - MapEditor: Clicking on reference lines, subgrades, splines or railtracks with the right mouse button, we added a property "Constant gradient". That means that the line is, viewed from the side, exactly even, the gradient is always constant. The horizontal course is not affected.

    - MapEditor: The spline split tool enables you to only select tracks in "tracks" mode and only select splines in "spline" mode.

    - MapEditor: Map-Editor is now visible in task bar on startup

    - MapEditor/ContentTool: Corrections in the dimensioning of the property windows (e.g. a larger window by default)

    - ContentTool: Materials can be saved as and loaded from files

    - Content: Objects of Phillip and RW1HH (BaseAddons folder) have been updated!

    - Several new entries in the language file have been added

    Regards :)

  • 1.EA.009

    - All: Notification "The mentioned procedure could not be found" is plotted in the logfile only

    - Simulation: Additional logfile entries for jitano

    - Simulation: LOTUSdirectories (the export of all LOTUS relevant folders and files, a support feature) now contains the content of the MapEditor working directory, as well

    - MapEditor: Renaming of Multiplayer maps now also affects the Tile Reservation on the server

    - MapEditor: Process of loading tile reservations optimized upon reservation and editing of maps - is now much faster ;)

    - ContentTool/MapEditor: Bugfix on changing Public Domain content to Team-UserIDs

    - ContentTool: Bugfix: Upon import of DDS files LOTUS no longer sets the textures to "repeat mirrored", but "repeat", since this is the most common setting in 3D modelling apps, as well.

    - Language file: New entry!

  • 1.EA.011

    - Simulation: Option added to enable/disbale dead man's switch*, and added the corresponding system script variable

    - Simulation: Option added to change font and font size of the GUI HM773  hansjohnson

    - Simulation: Restructured the options tab "General" - please report bugs :)

    - Simulation: Bug fix: Floor shininess (tracks, pavement, rubbing) restored

    - Simulation: Map preview images upon creating a new game - please test and post the results, if you want :)

    - Simulation: Option added to set the maximum object visibility - set as CAT2 per default, so you would not see very small, unimportant objects!

    - Simulation: Created vehicle configurations can now be deleted in the same window.

    - Simulation: Additional logfile entries for bug of bollockmaster

    - Simulation: Additional logfile entries for bug of jitano

    - MapEditor: Using :prevImg: map preview images can be added

    - MapEditor: Loading order of aerials and map images reversed (now from inside to outside)

    - MapEditor: Freezes upon moving the map removed

    - MapEditor: Dropped spline ending near subgrade borders removed

    - MapEditor: Map is only zoomed of the mouse is over it. Otherwise, the corresponding Windows component (lists etc.) is scrolled.

    - MapEditor: Only marked lines/splines can be splitted

    - MapEditor: Using :refreshZ: the spline and polygon height calculation can be executed, additionally to the complete terrain calculation. This is neccessary if subgrades were changed afterwards. Attention: This does NOT affect the height of tracks, which is always absolute.

    - MapEditor: Additional logfile entries for bug of SchlauMarvi

    - ContentTool: Script-side setting of textures by their ContentID, such as rollerblinds :)

    - ContentTool: Material added for Roller Blind Displays

    - ContentTool: Display of the face count

    - ContentTool: x3d importer more stable - does not immediately crash upon defective meshs, but imports the rest

    - ContentTool: Batch import of textures added, e.g. for the import of countless signle rollerblind textures


    - New grooved rail type "2"; experimentally (and hence not concerning frogs etc.) equipped with reflection and normal textures

    - Language: Changed language text of "Editor.Main.Coolbar.edDeltaZ.hint"

    - Language: New entries!

    *The GT6N currently has no dead man's switch! We are going to add this a little later. :)

  • 1.EA.012

    - Simulation: Additional logfile entries for jitano

    - MapEditor: Ground polygons can be switched off (you have to recreate the tiles once after the patch in order to switch them off)

    - MapEditor: Neighbored tiles can be displayed in high-res, as well

    - MapEditor: Bugfix on :refreshmt:
    - MapEditor: Probably solved the bug concerning a shifted middle tile when using high-res Aerials

    - GT6N: Now with Dead Man's Switch (currently no warning sound)

  • 1.EA.013
    - Simulation: Bugfix: invisible polygons
    - Simulation: Bugfix: Rendering order of the terrain changed, mainly concerns catenaries and ties

    - MapEditor: Reference lines and subgrades can be colored

    - MapEditor: Bugfix: 9th traffic light direction didn't work

    - MapEditor: Bugfix: Change between 2D/3D was not possible during pan/tilt of the perspective

    - MapEditor: Enabled save without pack (light blue floppy symbol) to encourage fast saving "inbetween". But the map will not be updated in LOTUS this way. Attention: Ctrl+S is now for saving only. You need to press Ctrl+P in order to "save and pack" and hence make the update visible in LOTUS.

    - MapEditor: Information concerning current state of saving added, including warning color. In this first stage of the function please check if all changes lead to a "not saved" flag.

    - Language File: New Entries!

  • 1.EA.014

    - All: Scenery object animations added!

    - All: Bug fix: Workshop items no longer disappear upon starting LOTUS in offline mode of Steam

    - Simulation: Bug fix GUI: After exception on map load no other map could be loaded until restart

    - Simulation: Provisional for color change on GUI night mode added - will remain disabled until completion

    - MapEditor: Optical notification upon successful logical connection between lines

    - MapEditor: Vertices of polygons are now marked with helpers. Please note: The vertices can not be changed with those helpers yet.

    - MapEditor: Upon entering a new value to "Z=" at the top, this value is interpreted relatively if the spline or polygon is created "relative". Otherwise, it is interpreted as absolute value, independently from the current setting in the toolbar.

    - MapEditor: Bug fix: Height of tracks with a cant that are created parallel to other lines corrected

    - MapEditor: Question to save the map upon closing is no longer shown if the map has already been saved.

    - MapEditor: Bug fix: Snap points were not visible right after placing an object, but after changing the view between 2D and 3D

    - MapEditor: Bug fix: Sub splines that belong to a spline and contain a random order can now have a random order by theirselves, independently from the random order of the master spline.

    - ContentTool: "ContentID check" now additionally lists, which installed content depends on that ContentID

    - ContentTool: Spline option "split like rail tracks" added, which enables you to split a spline as rounded as a track

    - Content: Update of the object container from Phillip

    - Scenery scripts are now published within the OpenSource folder, as well

    - Language File: New Entries!

  • 1.EA.015

    The new patch arrived! It contains the first feature that the :lotus: community was able to vote for - the configuration files of passenger information. We hope you like what you see and are willing to provide some additional information in the following.

    1. PIS groups (ex "Hof (depot) files")

    The PIS groups contain all information that are used for passenger information now or later: Destinations, stops and routes. The passenger information systems have been reworked completely. The system is now divided into standard information and special information.

    The standard information should ensure that every display system that is technically eligible can display those basic information. The creator of a map provides those information after his own mind - and hence those information are available for every map in a normalised form, so that anybody that creates a display or bord computer (like the IBIS) is able to rely on that information without need to step in or to be mentioned by the map creator. The standard information are system-independent.

    Special information refine and expand the standard information. Special information are currently not available in LOTUS! They would define local specialities like changing destinations or inverted fonts, which can then be interpreted by the display- or bord computer creators.

    This concept provides that a map creator does not have to worry about special strings for special display systems, that any display even works if the special information is missing or not available for other reasons and that people who create a display are not limited with its feature scope concerning special solutions.

    Currently the PIS groups contain:

    - Destination codes and destination displays

    - Stop lists

    - Special character codes

    A finished configured destination list of a map can look like this:

    - and the result like this:

    2. Vehicle modules

    In LOTUS it is now possible to freely exchange devices between vehicles. On the one hand it is possible to use such devices in multiple different vehicles, on the other hand it is possible to equip a single vehicle with different modules. Most suitable devices are inside and outside displays, ticket printers and bord computers, but LOTUS does not limit the number or choice of module slots.

    Requirement for the exchange of modules is that the vehicle creator supports modules and considers them in his vehicle configuration.

    Our GT6N already provides module slots for the bord computer and the displays. To exchange them, you would need the metrics of the installation bays, the used module classes (since you can not attach a display to a bord computer slot) and the procedures that the vehicle listens for at the slots.

    3. GT6N with IBIS and displays

    During the implementation of vehicle modules and the introduction of PIS groups we obviously gave our GT6N those features as well. Currently our IBIS is able to interpret special characters, lines and destinations of a random PIS group and to send them to the displays. Routes and stops are not yet functioning, since both do not exist at the moment. :)

    IBIS and displays are of course implemented as modules and can be exchanged! The neccessary developer information can be found here.

    The stop and destination code list for the Berlin tram has been added including the most of the special character codes. A instruction for the IBIS can be found here.

    The GT6N has been equipped with working front-, side and rear displays, including the original 8 different font that are used script-controlled automatically.

    4. Patch features in an overview

    - All: If container exceed the 1 GB mark, for every GB a .lct.1, .lct.2, ... file is created. Those were not uploaded to the workshop, which has been corrected now.

    - All: Information concerning the graphics card have been added to the logfiles - hopefully this spares you the questions in the support :)

    - Simulation: Option added to switch 3D trees to 2D trees

    - Simulation: Additional logfile entries for Andy84

    - Simulation: Bugfix with freezing traffic lights after a pause

    - Simulation: Vehicle module and module presets added to GUI in vehicle configuration

    - Simulation: Selection of the PIS group added to map configuration

    - Simulation: List of destination codes ingame added

    - MapEditor: Setting for scenery objects added to switch between "always LOD" or "LOD at distance". Attention: Trees by default always show the LOD mesh.

    - MapEditor: Further logfile entries: Error message "map calcmt part b"

    - MapEditor: Maps can now be configured with a default PIS group

    - ContentTool: Module system added for vehicles

    - ContentTool: PIS group file added

    - ContentTool: LOD generator for trees and similar objects - created crossed billbords from the 3D object itself

    - ContentTool: Material parameter added to provide secondary texture coordinates for normal maps

    - ContentTool: New material flag "Detail texture overwrites alpha channel"

    - ContentTool: Script variable "a_ground" added (acceleration lengthways)

    - Content: Multiple traffic light modules added

    - Content: "Digged up" grooved rails added

    - Content: Lawn-fill-piece added (rubber mat besides rails)

    - Content: 30cm high curbstone added

    - Content: 22cm platform added

    - Content: GT6N: IBIS added

    - Content: GT6N: Dynamic flip-dot full-matrix added that is controlled by the IBIS and feeded by the new PIS group

    - Content: Complete Berlin destination list for Tram, including special characters

    - Language: Quite a few new entries! :)

    - Change in Language entry: "Ctrl"-Key added in entry Editor.Msg.Newelement.NoRailTracksSel

    - Additional info: New standard events for bord computers added to the Lexicon! :)

  • Small additional patch went online:

    - Bugfix: The chosen PIS group was reset after a short drive

    - Bugfix: Hotkeys of modules were not listed in the hot keys

    - Bugfix: Matrix did not show anything with switched-on minimal effects (graphics option)

    - Special character codes are now shown ingame, as well

    - New logfile entries for jitano and Andy84

    - Language file: New entries! :)

    Additionally the following content is provided within a short period of time:

    - Missing special characters in the Berlin PIS group

    - Language entries for IBIS script events in the hot keys

  • Second small additional patch went online:

    - Bugfix: Upon deleting a vehicle configuration occured an error, if no configuration was selected

    - Bugfix: Fonts with special characters have not been read correctly

    - Bugfix: Deleting of the first two vehicle module presets wasn't possible

    - MapEditor: Bugfix: Attachpoint helper at objects with animations didn't work

    - Content: Missing special characters added to the Berlin Tram PIS group

    - Content: Cyrillic letters added to all flipdot fonts

    - Content: Subway logo in matrix font now rectangular

    - Language-File: New Entries! :)

  • 2018LOTUSXMasPatch.png

    The LOTUS Christmas patch

    Hello, dear fans!

    On schedule with Christmas, we compiled a big package for you together with a lot of hardworking hands, which we hope you want to play with during holidays. :) We wish you a nice time and a lot of fun...



    - All: It is now possible to create and chose repaints for vehicles. We would be happy to see some new GT6N repaints made by you. :) The repaint template can be found in the OpenSource folder in your LOTUS directory.

    - Simulation: Colors of the GUI night mode can be changed

    - Simulation: Option added to choose weather to use always the current date and time on Quickstart and Singleplayer or the last chosen timestamp.

    - Simulation: Bugfix: It was possible to place "no vehicle" and hence to crash LOTUS

    - Simulation: Upon using Quickstart for the very first time in LOTUS, IBIS and Matrix are now part of the GT6N and have not to be chosen seperately. :)

    - MapEditor: Objects can now be labeled. Therefore the corresponding "PUBLIC" string variable of the objects have to begin with a "$". In the map editor you have to right-click the object and choose "Set starting variables".

    - MapEditor: Upon changing of parameters of reference lines, splines, tracks and so on the neighbor segments are adjusted in their height. In case of splines the gradient will be adjusted, as well, as done with subgrades.

    - MapEditor: A special kind of defective spline/track data is now caught in order to still be able to load the map.

    - MapEditor: Bugfix: Autonomous changing priorities fixed - thanks to wunder99 !

    - ContentTool: Bug in the bitmap font tool fixed that caused problems upon saving

    - ContentTool: Szenery objects can be marked as Christmas decoration so they would hide if it is not Christmas time

    - ContentTool: Workshop upload is now able to publish PDF and TXT files in addition to LCTs. Now you can publish manuals or release notes there, if you want.

    - ContentTool: Workshop: Fighting windows upon successful workshop upload fixed.

    - Content: Second type of traffic lights added, additional light designs, overhead mounting and overhead contrast blinds

    - Content: Correction of triangular traffic signs

    - Content: "Whip" traffic light post added

    - Content: Further Berlin buildings added

    - Content: BVG logo in the fonts corrected - thanks to Pandemist ! :-)

    - Content: IBIS enter key fixed - thanks to Pandemist , as well :)

    - Workshop: Added new tags: Below modifications we added displays, bord computer and PIS groups. Should you miss further tags, please leave a note. :)

    Christmas presents of RW1HH

    Rolf extended his beautiful and manifold street markings by the missing German construction markings in yellow color. Now you will not get confused even in Roadworks. :)

    Christmas presents of Julian

    Julian noticed your wishes to have a depot to drive through for other maps, as well. On that occassion the building got a general overhaul: The doors can now be closed, the roof has been renewed and glass windows have been added. In addition, there is a clock on the outside to prevent you from being too late... ;)

    As a bonus, Julian created two fictional repaints for the GT6N. We hope you like them. :)

    Christmas presents of Kira

    Kira sat down during december and created six objects to decorate the streets of your own maps in a ceremonial way. ;) Those street decoration can now be found in the Map Editor, including their mounting - or on the Diorama map in the Simulator. :)


    Christmas presents of Phillip

    Phillip knows that you all call home for Christmas, at least. For this purpose you are now able to choose between the different generations of call boxes and distribute them on your maps. ;)

    Christmas presents of Yufa

    Kind Yufa used the new labeling feature to create some new objects:

    - stop type "Frankfurt - old", lable-able ;) and with line cards normal, Ebbel-Ex, night bus and subway

    - VGF stops with lables and lable-able cards

    - and as a special highlight: a roof system for central bus stations (in case of LOTUS: central tram stations ;) ) with beginning, middle and ending - and of course a special writable stop type!


    Christmas presents of Trammi

    Trammi has created a special present for you: He created real repaints for the GT6N. The first of them can be found in the workshop now, further ones are currently created. Have fun! :)

    This is your way to the Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597820828

    Christmas present of davidps

    David, in the name of Team ViewApp created a very special tool for you: With just a few clicks everybody can create LOTUS bitmap fonts from the installed Windows system fonts! Those fonts are used for digital displays of all kind, street name signs, stops and so on.

    This is your way to the Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598000382

    P.S.: Since the app is, of course, located in the workshop folder, you better create a link to the font tool. It is located in <Steam library path>\steamapps\workshop\content\370350\1598000382\objects\LOTUSFontBitmapGenerator.exe Have fun with searching ;)

    Christmas present of Teneberus

    And last but not least, there is a wonderful present of Teneberus: An amber-colored Berlin LED matrix, like the ones used with the GT6N and the first Berlin Flexitys. :) Now you have got a real alternative to the default flipdot full matrix. We wish you a lot of fun with it!


    This is your way to the Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sha…iledetails/?id=1598263361


    We wish you all a Merry Christmas with a lot of great presents and/or time with your families. It is so great that you are part of the :lotus: community! :)

    Your LOTUS team