Budapest 1970's - Map (commentary

  • This is the commentary thread for my real Budapest map, placed in the 1970's.

    I've been working on this map almost half a year, but as you can see I had other projects to do near this one. As I will go on with the map, I'll update it in the workshop.

    I uploaded the sceneryobjects alone so anyone who needs them for his/her project, don't have to download the 2GB map as well.

    Talking about the 2GB... I know it sounds a lot, but this map has around 10-20km's of driveable route, among four Budapester districts. It's not a kilometre full of un-optimized rails and so on ;)


    Video (about the HÉV - suburban railway part):

    Video (about the tram part)

    (a bit dark, I know...)

    The train for the HÉV and the tram carriage will be soon uploaded as well.

    Workshop link

    Please note:

    I am receptive to every kind of constructive feedback. It must not hurt me and must not diminish my work.

    Please write your feedback to my work so, as to be

    • precise and clear, thus not vague or emotional
    • analytical and rational, thus properly researched and convenient, not on impulse
    • solution-orientated, thus, if applicable, attached with counterproposals, consequences and implications.

    Since I am glad about any kind of compliment of my work, a balanced ratio of positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated. :)

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