Head movement

  • All my wishes goes to the team to do a successful simulation.

    Lotus is still at very early stage, I like every new feature. As Bus simulation, my reference is OMSI+BBS.

    Here I wanted to point something which is missing to Lotus at current state : head movement.

    I think head movement is very important (essential) to give the sensation of acceleration (in all directions : left/right and brake....).

    Have a nice week !

  • Janine

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  • Though it's not in the game itself, the developer of the vehicles can add it by themselves. E.g I added in in my trams (Ezres, M II) and it works just fine. Though it'd be better if it was an already built in feature.

  • Regarding to all my simulation experience (flight simulators, Truck simulators, rail , bus, coaches), this feature gives a lot more driving feedback than force feedback. That's why I like OMSi so much (head movement simulation with addition of Track IR use) .

    After many years, no other simulator gives me so good drive feedback. I have bus driving license so I have a little real driving experience. And I couldn't understand that this wouldn't be implemented into Lotus.

    Until now, the lack of this effect is very disappointing (tram & bus).

    My goal is not to make shameless criticism. I defended Lotus in its early days when the French community was very critical, even contemptuous.

    Best regards !