Model importing error in Content Tool

  • When I import specific x3d files, I get this error in the Content Tool:

    The model itself is fine, in different modeling editors.

    This problem occured in the past too, but back then I could workaround it by separating the model furthermore. But now even if I slice it up it's still faulty. The model is 2460 polygons. It doesn't matter if I import it with or without flat shading. The x3d file is 196kB.

    As I see, the missing faces are on the other side, but the model is OK in more modeling softwares (Deep Exploration, Blender, even in SketchUp...). Is there any method or setting solving this, bseides building the whole model again, hoping that this time the CT doesn't give error?

  • The model itself is fine, in different modeling editors.

    This is where the 3D programs "lie to you".

    As you've already noticed, the problem is that the normals of several polygons point in the wrong direction. This doesn't matter so much in Blender (or many other 3D programs), because usually the back of a polygon is also displayed with a material / texture.

    But most game engines don't have this strange behaviour. Therefore I recommend to enable "Backface Culling" to see the mesh as it appears in Lotus.

    To solve the problem in Blender, you can try 2 things.

    In edit mode you can run "Recalculate Outside" (CTRL + N) while all polygons of the object are selected (A) and hope that Blender will fix everything (unfortunately this function often fails with very complex objects).

    Or you have to select all affected polygons (Backface Culling helps here too) and rotate them manually with the "Flip Normals" command in the same menu.

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  • I actually chose a very simple and yet very painful way: I disabled the double faces in Deep Exploration and then polygon-by-polygon I separated the faulty parts, then inverted the faces. It's now OK, but it's good to know, that there are more efficient ways for that ;)