Ligth flickering problem

  • 1. Please describe as detailed as possible what you did and which problem that leads to.

    I'm having problems with the lights of a vehicle of mine. The problem is that the position of the inner lights move around randomly, when moving. If the train is not moving, the lights are still. If I try to capture it on my computer (eg with fraps), I get a constant but lower fps (fix 30fps instead of 50-55fps) and the error doesn't occur then.

    Since I can't capture it on my PC, I had to video it with my mobile, that's the reason for the quality (but the problem can still be seen):

    I binded the ligths to the 'Main' animation, it didn't help. I tried to set the ligths 'fixed' with zero movement towards the camera, still doesn't work properly.

    The settings:

  • I see the topic was moved to vehicle design, but actually it doesn't really seem like the vehicle lights are the problem.

    I could finally capture a video and now it can be seen that even the light map of the map is buggy. And since I used the basic lamp objects, I don't think I could make a mistake there:

    Maybe it's due to microlaggs? Or other performance issue? I know my map is not the "lightest map over the globe" in performance, but with a decent PC config (see at bottom) that is something I wouldn't look for.

    My PC:

    CPU: Intel i5 4460

    VGA: GTX960 with 4GB VRAM

    RAM: 16GB DDR3

    The map file (in myContent, maps) is 478MB so it's not that huge at the moment. In daylight so far I got around 45-55fps (that's due to the not really optimized train), in the night it's still between 35-50fps (if I don't capture it).

  • It's much more frequent to be that (at least for the vehicle lights). I tried playing with the game settings, but didn't help. I printed out debug messages to see if it only occurs at specific cases, but not - the lightmap switches back and on, it doesn't matter if the debug says 'Finished' or 'copying to RAM', which I see I think too often.

    As far as I can see the vehicle lights look like they switch position at flickering (between their original, intended position and somewhere half a meter away). And because of the changed position the lights are calculated somewhere else, and thus causing this very annoying flickering effect.

  • OK, it seems to be a synchronization problem and I couldn't reproduce it yet. But since there are several lightning bugs, I think I will test and debug them all together.

    The most important information for you: It seems to be not YOUR fault and when we will debug it, you won't have to change anything at your model.

    It would be very kind, if you would give us your game options and if you would activate the option "No multithreading" and test it again! :-)

  • I tried with turned off multithreading: that solved the flickering problem with the vehicle lights. It didn't occur now.

    But the light map bug is still here, though much less frequent. Once it occured at a tile border, but not everytime, so maybe it's not connected to that.

    Is it enough if I printed the options in the settings? As far as I can see, most of the settings are in that by string format:


    I think you have a much more powerful PC than me, but if it helps with debugging, I can send you the map and the train (though not publicly here, if it's not a problem ;) )

  • I tried with turned off multithreading: that solved the flickering problem with the vehicle lights.

    Ah, ok, thank you very much for that info! :-)

    Is it enough if I printed the options in the settings?

    Yes, it's very fine! :-)

    I can send you the map and the train

    Thank you very much for that offer! I will just contact you if I could need it! :-)

  • One thing I discovered (which probably doesn't connect to this light problem) is that at a point of the map the Map editor crashes often. First it gives a Zugriff error message if I switch between 2D and 3D view, then at a random point it just closes itself (no error messages, no saving, no anything).

    A logfile where this occured:


    As I see it's some tile problem, but you must know it better. I don't know if I built something incorrectly or this is just another known/unknown issue :D