Budapest metro line no.1 - 1970s

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    Name of project: Budapest metroline no. 1 (aka. "kisföldalatti"), 1970s

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    The first underground line of Budapest, capital of Hungary was opened in 1896. It was the first underground railway of the continental Europe (the first European metro line was opened in London, but only with steam locomotives). This was a special year: the country celebrated the 1000th anniversary of the foundation of Hungary (Hungary was established in 895 AC, and thus being one of the „oldest” countries all over in Europe - history lesson over).

    The line was reconstructed in 1973. The surface parts were demolished, new tracks were layed underground to the new terminal station a few kilometres away. In LOTUS you can drive the ~1972 state, just before the close of the original track.

    The trains were moved between the line and the depot by electric locomotives - which I don't have made at the moment, but the "Ezres" can be used for that reason as well :D

    Please keep in mind that due to historic reasons, the line was RIGHT HAND DRIVE. You can drive on the "left" track. The mirrors and signals are placed for that, so don't make your life harder and drive on the "wrong" side.

    Also please keep in mind that LOTUS does not support metro lines at the moment. If you drive in dark (night hours), the tunnels are dark but the stations are light of course. If you drive in daylight, the tunnels are not that dark, but still not light.


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