Budapest metroline no.1 and train "MFAV"

  • This is the commentary thread concerning addon: Budapest metroline no.1 and train "MFAV"

    Please note:

    I am/We are receptive to every kind of constructive feedback. It must not hurt me/us and must not diminish my/our work.

    Please write your feedback to my/our work so, as to be

    • precise and clear, thus not vague or emotional
    • analytical and rational, thus properly researched and convenient, not on impulse
    • solution-orientated, thus, if applicable, attached with counterproposals, consequences and implications.

    Since I am/we are glad about any kind of compliment of my/our work, a balanced ratio of positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated. :)

  • Janine

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  • Dear Janine, I have a question about the map. A friend of mine told me this way the map is not multiplayer compatible, but since it's not built on DEM, I cannot change any tile stuff in the editor. Is there any way to make the map MP compatible?

  • Hi there,
    I really like your project. Great work, But how can I set the hotkeys you mentioned in your readme?


    Place the train on any map, and then open the settings. This way you should see the needed hotkeys in the Hotkeys menu.

  • But you need to open the settings in the main menu first, and go to an empty tab. Then LOTUS won't crash if you open the settings ingame.


    Du musst aber vorher die Optionen im Hauptmenü öffnen und in einen leeren Tab wechseln. Dann crasht LOTUS beim öffnen der Optionen ingame nicht.

  • Thanks to the latest patch, I set the map to be multiplayer compatible. Also repaired the electricity scripts of the train, now it should work fine with switch on real electricity support.