Disney Map Suggestion

  • I already posted this on Steam however, I will repost it here as it will gain more traction.

    Hello all I am suggesting that some one creates a map add-on of Walt Disney world in Orlando. I understand that it would need to be licensed and stuff and that would make it expensive however, I would be more than happy to pay $60+ for this map. I feel that even for people who dont own LOTUS seeing an ad for a Disney map would sell a lot of copies especially with the monorail/rail and bus modules. I feel this would be a very cool map and bring a lot of hype to LOTUS! Any thoughts? Is it possible?

    Jasonic from steam recommend the you can also molded the Magic in Motion computer system Disney uses for route creation. I feel with this next-gen LOTUS the Magic in Motion system can really be depicted properly and would be really unique to see in a game. Although it would be a lot of work.

  • Well, think one more time about it.

    I don't want to be a spoilsport but remember that LOTUS is a transport simulator. Disney World has nothing to do with means of transport. The second thing you should do is to think about whether there are really people who are interested in this map. You should create an ADDON which offers a long term motivation. The third thing would be: Licenses... Let me put it this way, I don't think Walt Disney grants licenses for such projects. The fourth thing would be: Why would players buy it? I don't think the interest is there because it's probably more about exploring the map than about the long term motivation. Also selling something like that for 60$... oke... a bit high the price. The fifth thing is: performance... You should also think about that. We don't want an empty park but animations and moving things everywhere. Sixth: Every payware addon has to be approved by ORIOLUS Software and that's the point: Where is the connection to public transport?

    I think games like: Planet Coaster are more fun and maybe you can create your "vision" better there, otherwise: You can try everything.

  • On freeware stuff, developers often use logos. Well sure Oriolus asked for permission at BVG, but that's because the main program is not freeware. But freeware addon developers don't really ask permission to use let's say a transport company to use their logo on a repaint or a WIP bus/tram.

    On the other hand, big companies like Disney, well...let's assume they wouldn't like their logos used.

    But what's the point of the whole thing? Yes, LOTUS is probably capable of handling a roller coaster, more or less (you can't do hoops, that's sure). Though it would have problems with the ascending part (see grip). That would be an interesting map to use...for a few times. Like the hand driven cart (draisine) in steam. Sure it's fun for a few times, but then it gets boring. Unless I don't know, you make tons of different roller coasters (haunted house style eg.) and stuff (without logos ofc), but that's the point where LOTUS will die even on stronger PCs.

    BTW I don't think anyone would make such a map. Maybe for experimenting with the physics in the game, but nothing serious.

  • My friends you are mistaken I may have misspoken and been unclear. I am not taking about Disney Paris and I am not talking about the rides in the park itself. I am taking about Disney in Orlando and the massive transportation network surrounding it. I dont want to create theme park ride or anything like that I want to create a great transport/bus sim map.

    To answer some of Gegreen's concerns

    #1. Disney has so much to do with Transportation. They have over 350 buses running around I would guess 60+ shuttles/routes. (From what I can find they dont list and I dont want to count). They also have a monorail system running over 14.7 miles (23.6 KM). Take a look at a photo of the Disney transportation network in Orlando it is massive.

    #2 I believe there would be a large number of people interested in this map. 58 million people visit Disney World every year. For some people it is amazing to drive on the buses and experience the magic of it all. I am sure there are thousands of other people who are like me who would love to drive the route for themselves.

    #3 Sure yes. Licenses will be hard to come by. I have little experience getting licenses and stuff however, I personally believe that you would be able to get a licences from Disney because it is basically free advertising for their parks and transportation system. Certainly they would take a cut from all sales if it is payware but I am sure with determination it can happen.

    #4 I believe that players would buy this because of how extensive it is. Like I said above there are over 350 buses running around I would guess 60+ shuttles/routes. (From what I can find they dont list and I dont want to count). They also have a monorail system running over 14.7 miles (23.6 KM). There are countless hours of gameplay and driving to be done. Also $60 was a suggestion if Disney took part of the profit for a licensing fee. I feel that the project would take awhile to complete and $60 would be fair. However, that is just a suggestion.

    #5 At the moment LOTUS is not the best performing. However after all it is a bus/transport sim so in the parks themselves I dont think there could be any animations. I think all of the performance should be put towards the scenery and making it look life like along the transport lines. Personally I would rather have the entire park be a stationary lower poly object in order to save on performance for the buses. (with the experience of the area where the buses and monorails get close to and is visual while driving).

    #6 I understand all payware needs to be approve. Although this is not "public transport" it is private transport as it is owned by Disney so it should still count I believe. Although you could argue it is public because anyone can use it for free.

    I hoped this better cleared up what I envisioned. Again I dont want to create theme park rides I want to create a bus and transport sim which Disney uses.

    Sorry I hope this clear it up.

    Best Wishes,


    All suggestions are encouraged and recommended!