• Hello, finally I have my new setup with me, it's lovely, and games go soooo smooth and great (for example, Tower Unite with vsync on and settings at ultra, 60 FPS and it does not bother to decrease :'D). But. LOTUS is behaving weirdly. I made a short video showing the lil' annoying problem. It goes smooth too but sometimes stuttering happens. Everything it's in the Diorama map. Also KI is off, but I tried it with KI on it's exactly the same.

    The settings in the video are in the "Don't" preset, Vertical Sync on, and terrain detall in ultimate setting.

    Also I tried putting the settings on the lowest preset and even with the huge FPS increase, and stuttering is still there but it's imperceptible.

    My setup is the following:

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 at approximately 4 GHz

    GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650 4 GB

    RAM: 32 GB

    Dimensions of the monitor: 1920*1080 pixels.

    I know LOTUS is still an early access product but is there any temporary solution until it gets optimized? Maybe in nvidia settings? I want to have the best quality but without any stuttering!

    WIP Projects:

    :U: <M> Metro de Barcelona Línia 1 2004

  • I tried that... but I'll try again adapting some settings, or probably I forgot to set some.

    WIP Projects:

    :U: <M> Metro de Barcelona Línia 1 2004

  • Please wait for the next Patch (currently in Beta, soon in NightlyBuild) and then test again. Thanks!!

    Perfect! Also I have noted that LOTUS “forgets” high res textures and those have to be loaded again, I suppose it could be one cause about the stuttering.

    I’ll wait for the next patches to come and thank you for the informations.

    WIP Projects:

    :U: <M> Metro de Barcelona Línia 1 2004

  • This has a simple reason: If you want to drive a longer trip, you will need too many high res textures for your graphic RAM. ;-)

    I know, but in DIorama? I turn the camera away near a building and when I turn it again the building looks blurry.

    Also I've got 32 GB of normal RAM in my setup so, could the sim take advantage of this? I've read that in early access stages that would not be the case but when it's fully released it will do.

    But anyways, I prefer LOTUS being in Early Access for a long time enough to make the best perfect simulator ever created. And by that I mean it because of my experience playing an early access game that is Tower Unite. It was released in 2015 and by 2020 is still in Early Access, and by now it's very optimized and it has lots of features implemented, looks like a finished product, but still has lots of things to come, so that's five years.

    In my opinion as a normal player I prefer that LOTUS gets officially released without the early access mark for 10 years or more from now and becoming the perfect product ever without any issue, and having a very good quality and extensive base of paid and free addons.

    Anyways, what I could try so far (Diorama map and GT6N), this looks amazing, so keep up the good work guys, and thank you to let us try this and have the opportunity to watch the software evolve and most importantly, being able to give us our opinions and suggestions. I showed LOTUS to a friend and he got really impressed from what he expected.

    WIP Projects:

    :U: <M> Metro de Barcelona Línia 1 2004

  • Also I've got 32 GB of normal RAM in my setup so, could the sim take advantage of this?

    RAM has nothing to do with graphics memory. According to another post from you your graphics card has 4GB VRAM (graphic RAM). Those get filled up quickly, so textures need to be loaded in back again.

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