LOTUS Map editor awful performance, memory usage extremly high, editor is really laggy

  • Hello. I want to report awful performance i have with editor. So to get somethings out of the way, no i don't have anything running in the background like internet browser and only thing that's running are Steam and editor. Now on to explanation of the problem. This never happened before the last three updates of the main simulator and editor and i could even run browser along side the editor. Now after the last three updates i can't even run editor normaly with only splines and polygons placed on the map and i used to have a pretty big map with different objects in the past and i worked on it without the current issue i have with the editor. Now the editor has awful performance, it's laggy, sometimes i can't even click on the spline to highlight it, it runs slow now and i run it on like 10 FPS and i don't want to imagine how it will run if i place objects like houses and buildings. So i decided to open task manager and editor literally drinks the memory. It runs at almost 3 gigs of memory space and memory usage jumped to 98%. The picture i posted is the second time i ran editor and somehow it is running at 2.5 gigs of memory. First time i ran it today it jumbed at 3 gigs. Just to let things out i run GTA 5 which is way more demanding game and other games on my PC without any issue. LOTUS editor is the only program on my PC that causes issues. I even had situations where editor freezes and crashes. This never happened in my whole 2 years of using the editor. I tested LOTUS itself and i don't have any issues with it. So it's the editor that has the issues.

    Here's the memory thing i was talking about


    I really don't know what's causing this issue with editor. I admit i don't have NASA type PC but running other games even demanding ones without this kind of an issue but the map editor is...idk what to say. I hope devs look at this and fix the optimisation of the editor. I really don't know what is going on.

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  • Here's the new logfile. Btw could this happen because i'm adding too many splines??? I am making short splines in order to have good FPS in LOTUS.

  • Why would it be a hoax? If so your part of creating it.

    After I read your text below last week, I was in the same assumption short spines are a must for good performance. Also the lexicon makes me understand a short is better.

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  • short spines are a must for good performance. Also the lexicon makes me understand a short is better.

    Short splines still does not affect the performance ingame. In theory they produce more polygons in the final mesh, so they decrease the performance ingame by 0.00001 FPS or something like that. I still don't know, where you got the connection between my statement and the performance? If there are some tutorials or lexicon articles, which may be misunderstandable, we will edit them.

    The conclusion is: Using short splines will affect the stability of the Map Editor in a positive way. The integrity of a short spline is higher than the integrity of a long spline. If you use long splines and big polygons, you will likely get more errors in the terrain or they lead to a miscalculation of some properties as it was in the thread you got my text from. So there are benefits when using short splines and that why we always mention it. But there is no connection between short splines and the performance.


  • Here's the new logfile. Btw could this happen because i'm adding too many splines??? I am making short splines in order to have good FPS in LOTUS.

    Would you mind sending your map for testing purposes?

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    I won't mind.

    Florian maybe i misunderstood things since i was using google translate to translate what people in German are saying so maybe some sentences described that wrong.

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  • Hello! I'm just checking your map.

    I think, you've just overshoot the mark quite a bit. In the simulation, it should not be a problem, because all splines will be glued together and the count of polygons is nearly the same as if you build long splines. But the map Editor has to draw all these helpers etc., too, and I think, that this is with distant the main problem for the performance!

    The size of your polygons is quite good chosen, but your splines have under 1m length. This is absolutely unneccessary and increases the count of splines and helpers very much! But "short" in this context is e.g. 20m. You do not have to split splines into under 20m long segments, 20m is ok. And even if you have a curve with about 30m, it is ok, too. :-) The main problem with long splines (and I mean > 50m! ;-) ) is the increase of calculation time of the :refresh: or :refreshsel: function. But below of about 20-50m, you definitely won't see any effect.

    Currently, the map's performance is not just on your PC low, my PC has significant performance problems, too. ;-)

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