Mirrors on vehicles not working

  • Hi!

    I've been struggling with this problem for almost half a year (or more) and still can't figure out what I'm missing, that's why I'm posting.

    My problem is that real time reflections (mirrors) are not working on my vehicles. In the past I added mirrors to the Ezres/BKV V type, it was working, I also added mirrors to my WIP Ev metro, it was also working. But in this year I found out that they were not working anymore, besides that I didn't even modified them in the content tool (no script, model change, nothing). What usually happens is like if only X or Y coordinates would be rendered, like here:


    As you can see the mirrortext variables have values, but the rendered image is distorted.

    In a new vehicle I started I was hoping I could figure out, but nope. What's interesting that on the front cockpit, one of the four mirrors work (well, in the reflection it doesn't show the vehicle itself, but at least the surroundings are there). Two have this faulty coordinate thing going on, and one is completely off:

    I have the mirrortext variables, and if I change them up, I see the difference (even if I copy the not working mirror's text ID to the working, I see that it draws something), but if I copy the one from the working one to the others, the effect is the same (two working half, one completely grey).

    I set a dummy texture on all mirror faces:

    I set up the mirrors (well, half of them):


    (this is the one for the working mirror) (this is for the upper left which is half working)

    I set the textures/materials for all mirrors and set the mirrortext variables:

    All coordinates are OK, every setting should be fine, or at least I have no idea what the problem is (the texture resolution is the same as in the settings, 256x512 px, too).

    I checked the logfile, there's not a single line with any error in it. In the ingame settings I did check realtime reflections, there's no other settings involving the mirrors.

    Is there something I'm missing or some black magic trickery?

  • I still don't have any idea about that as well as my friends who have the same problem...

    Anyone any idea?

  • I STILL can't figure out why the mirrors don't work, if I do exactly everything as mentioned in the lexicon article.

    I don't believe that only me and a friend of my faces this issue...

  • Hmmm... I can see, that the properties you show us, are a little bit confusing: Although the x coordinate is negativ (mirror at the left side), the heading angle is positive - could this be the reason?

    The GT6N's mirror properties:

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