Berlin Underground Map

  • Is there still being worked on a Berlin underground map? Last year tunnels were added, but then the next patch was about articulated busses...

    There are some screenshots of Berlin subway vehicles here in the forum, but apart from that there arent any further news or informations about the Berlin subway/underground. Is there still being worked on or are the developers currently foccused on other topics like busses? Its sad that there are basically no news about the Berlin subway and also there was no update for the M1 Tram line. It Will there also be a "S-Bahn" (suburban train) route? Since there is a S-Bahn train visable in one of the loading screen images.

    It would be nice if there would be some informations about the Berlin map and the subway/underground routes.

  • Its sad that there are basically no news about the Berlin subway

    If someone writes something like this, then his/her research was not good enough. In fact there is a good amount spread around this topic.

    Marcel posted this in the forums: LOTUS-Simulator - Blender Screenshots

    Marcel posted as I mentioned various pictures on Instagram

    Additional it is only a timespan of 4 months from the last "bigger" patch. So why are the expections so high that now something new is ready? The last patches also took around 5-7 months
    As we already know the development of LOTUS is not the fastest. But asking for an status and expect to get every week some updates are the real unnessary thing here.

    And I am tired of this shit. But maybe its better if we left the questions unanswered. And yes, next time I will read this and let it unanswered before I am spreading a toxic answer.

    Thanks for your feedback, I try to change my behavior in the future, really.



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  • Now there is a Budapest Metro map in the workshop, at least there is now some kind of underground map wich you can try out until the Berlin subway is released.

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