Underground object/spline placement

  • 1. Please describe as detailed as possible what you did and which problem that leads to.

    I'm trying to rebuild my maps to use proper undergrounds. However I cannot replace splines, tracks...etc to sublevels. I set them in the properties to be on -1, -2 level, rebuilt the terrain, but still all my levels are empty.

    PLEASE DON'T TELL ME that the only way to place such thing is PLACE THEM AGAIN on the -2 level...

  • *Select Spline/Rail,

    *change this:

    to the desired level,

    *do a rightclick on the spline/rail

    *select "set to underground level" (I don't really know the English description...)

  • Thanks for the reply, but it doesn't work. If I select anything, as soon as I change that depth, everything disappears, and so I can't click on it anymore.

    Edit: What I absolutely don't understand is that why the heck is there such an option with right click that "Set all marked objects to the current depth position", if I can't even change the depth...

    Edit no2: Mea culpa, looks like I can set it one step at a time (with the selected show next height function). Well, it's a bit more work but at least it's possible.

  • But on this screenshot you didn't even set a Depth Position...

    Yes, because I thought I can set it directly to -2, but of course it disappeared. I set everything step by step (I mean I marked a bunch of objects at once of course), it seems to work.

  • I somewhat getting somewhere, so here's my exprecience if it helps anyone.

    If you want to "remove" things from layer 0 ton layer 2 or below, select -1 depth on the bottom left with clicked-on next height position. This way you can mark multiple tracks, splines, objects...etc Then right click bottom option (set all marked objects to current depth), then when they are still selected, change the bottom left depth to -2, set them to the current depth again. This way it's not that painfully slow.

    Though on every spline and track element you have to right click all of them and manually set them on level -2 or whatever, otherwise if you change to level 2, they won't appear. If everything is set, regenerate the terraing and the levels multiple times, because terrain generation is very sloppy... Also what I found is that you have to regenerate the terrain on the "now-empty" level 0, because the models from that don't get deleted and you get nice little flickering walls and tracks and faulty terrain which flickers and gets shown randomly as walls.

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