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    New official repaint

    Dear Community,

    today we are happy to introduce our new partner to you, so we can deliver you a new official repaint for the R2.2b like in the original!

    The update is now available via Steam.

    And one more thing we forgot to mention:

    As promised, we have also supplied the repaints and repaint templates for advertising stickers for you! You can find them in the folder "Addons/ViewApp/../Docs".

    Of course you can publish your works via the Steam-Workshop. We point out however that the use of these Repaints may not be offensive or negatively afflicted and no rights are abused or hurt!

    Have fun trying it out!

    PS: By the way, in this folder we also have several instructions and explanation videos for you - for all those who have not yet seen it ;)

    Changelog EA-version 1.1.0a:


    • Multiplayer on the Munich map now available!
    • Corrected track in front of Ottostraße stop that had caused the tram to jump/float
    • Fixed minor faults/holes in road construction
    • Missing spotlight objects added at Karolinenplatz (now only lights up at night)
    • Sign for terminus stop/exit stop Petuelring added
    • Minor adjustments for traffic light circuits
    • Missing traffic light request switches on traffic light masts added
    • Entrypoints at Karolinenplatz and Kurfürstenplatz added (e.g. for multiplayer spawn)

    Tram R2.2b:

    • Existing repaints corrected
    • Repaint template is now available
    • Added driver camera views for left side and right side view

    Furthermore we have released an update FAQ for you - please read it!

    Here we have summarized the most important questions and answers regarding the update:

    Why do I see the driver character in the cockpit view (F1)?

    For the correct display of the driver figure the reduced meshs have to be activated (to be found under "Graphics" in the LOTUS settings):

    How can I control switches from the vehicle?

    If a route has been set correctly in IBIS, the switches are set automatically depending on the route. To control electrical switches from the vehicle, simply set the switch switch to the left or right before passing the "W" signal sign (which is connected to the catenary wires). If you are not yet standing on the switch itself, you can of course still control the switches using the key combination "G" (switch in front) or "Shift" + "G" (switch in the back).

    What are the meanings of all the tram signals and switch signals?

    We have created the following overview graphics for you, which can also be found in the folder "...\LOTUS-Simulator\Addons\ViewApp\Tram_Munich\Docs":

    Why do passengers sometimes remain at the stop and don't get on the tram?

    Please stop at the stop in such a way that the first door is approximately at the contrast plaster for blind persons (white stripes on the plaster in the stop area), if such a contrast plaster is present, otherwise please stop in such a way that the tram comes to a stop shortly before a stop line or in such a way that the stop waiting house is at the height of the middle of the tram. In general, it is better to stand a little further forward than too far back.

    If the passengers still do not want to get on the tram/remain at the stop, it can also be an error at one or the other stop (regarding the triggers used). In this case, please simply continue to the next stop.

    Where can I find the repaint template?

    A repaint template will be provided later.

    I have been standing at an intersection (which uses a tram request) for some time, but the signal for my direction of travel does not change.

    At some intersections, the tram must be relatively far in front for the request signal "K" to light up. As soon as this lights up, the registration has been recorded and the signal will change after a certain time.

    What do I do if the request signal "K" has lit up but I have missed my signal phase and the signal for my direction of travel shows "Stop" again?

    If you missed the traffic light phase, you can trigger the request again at the intersections by looking for a key switch on one of the nearby traffic light masts and clicking on the triangular lock there.

    Why are the announcements wrong when I set the route at the departure stop?

    There was a separation of the terminus stop and the departure stop at the Sendlinger Tor - the terminus stop is already in the loop. This is also where the "START Sendlinger Tor" spawn point is located. The spawn point "START Petuelring (Line 27)" is also located at the terminus stop of Line 27 at the Petuelring.

    For a correct functioning of the announcements and the automatic switching, the doors may only be unlocked/released at the departure stop after the route has been set or a trip has been selected according to the timetable. For the initial setting of a route, set up everything correctly at the terminus stop in IBIS and drive directly to the departure stop and unlock the doors there.

    Why can't I drive off/set up the tram or why do I see no timetable/available trips or what is the driver number and code number?

    We strongly recommend that you turn on the vehicle hints (in the LOTUS options the checkboxes "Realtime helpers off" and "Vehicle hints off" should not be checked, to be found under "General").

    These help texts are then automatically displayed in situations such as the following

    • if you try to drive off with the doors open

    • when registering with IBIS

    • if you want to select a trip, but are outside the operating hours of the line

    • you want to operate the wheelchair lift

    • and in many situations more...

    Are there key combinations for opening the first door/stop brake/door release/lift?

    Yes, we have created a documentation for this (and a few other points), which can be found in the folder "...\LOTUS-Simulator\Addons\ViewApp\Tram_Munich\Docs". Here is an extract of it:

    Major-Update 1.1: Passengers and route 27 now available as download!

    Finally it's time: With the major update 1.1 we bring real life to LOTUS!

    For the first time there are passengers and a complete second line with route 27 is at your disposal!

    From now on you can transport your passengers on the two tram lines 27 & 28 with timetable, functional IBIS, complete signalling.

    Note: The passengers are exclusively developed by us for Munich Tram and no LOTUS feature!

    We've added many more details to our add-on.

    You can find the complete changelog here:

    Changelog Major Update 1.1.0

    Have fun exploring and driving!

    Changelog EA-version 1.1.0:


    • The map of route 27 is completely finished with all details!
    • Passengers added
    • Additional signal signs placed on anchoring wires
    • All switches can now be controlled from the vehicle
    • Switch signals made operational
    • Traffic light requests for tram added
    • Construction site at the Sendlinger Tor with many new objects and functions
    • Floating objects are now correctly placed on the ground again
    • Minor repairs in road construction

    Tram R2.2b:

    • IBIS: route, timetable and announcements for route 27 added
    • IBIS: Separation of terminus and departure stop Sendlinger Tor
    • Passengers added
    • Dynamic vehicle numbers
    • Repaints added
    • Controlling switches via switch switch
    • Switches are set automatically by IBIS (depending on the set route)
    • Driver character added
    • Adjustment animation of the kilometre counter (in the speedometer)
    • Emergency lighting installed (above the doors; lights up when no catenary voltage is present)
    • Interior lighting and train peak signal are now also automatically switched on when shunting
    • Multiplayer script adaptations --> vehicle is ready for the multiplayer
    • Shunting console script logic customization; thanks to Trambahner
    • Illumination error at shunting console elements corrected
    • Bugfix: Wheelchair lift folding sound was mistakenly played in a certain situation; thanks to Marvin_0

    Announcement: Extension Route 27 with update 1.1 and reduced price expires

    Dear Community,

    During the summer we worked very hard and intensively on our Munich-Add-On and want to bring you up to date today:

    We plan to deliver the next expansion with the major update 1.1 in about 2 weeks on 13.09.2019.

    This brings a lot of new content, functions and loving details for you!

    And first of all: as announced at the start, the reduced price will also expire on this date, so that the add-on will cost € 34,99 as regular RRP. So be quick, you still have two weeks time for the discounted purchase!

    :right: Buy now on Steam

    In the past, we have already integrated a number of functions into our Munich add-on that have not been available in LOTUS before, and here too we will continue to add our own driver figure to the game for the first time. There will also be a timetable with fully functional IBIS integration for line 27, as well as another surprise that will be released :)

    Furthermore, we want to give you some detailed insights into the enhancements and new functions:

    Big map update:

    • The map of line 27 is complete with all details!
    • Further signal boards placed on guy wires
    • All points can now be set from the vehicle
    • Turnout signals made operational
    • Traffic light requirements for tram built in
    • Construction site at the Sendlinger Tor with many new functions
    • Minor bugs fixed

    Many new functions for the tram:

    • IBIS: Route, timetable and announcements for line 27 added
    • IBIS: Separation of exit and start stop Sendlinger Tor
    • Dynamic wagon numbers
    • Repaints added
    • Setting points via point switch
    • Switches are set automatically by IBIS (depending on the set line)
    • driver figure inserted
    • Adjustment Animation of the odometer (in the speedometer)
    • Emergency lighting installed (above the doors; lights up when no catenary voltage is present)
    • Interior lighting and train peak signal are now also automatically switched on when manoeuvring
    • Multiplayer-Script-Adjustments --> Vehicle is ready for the Multiplayer
    • Shunting console script logic adaptation; Thanks to Trambahner!
    • Illumination error shunting console elements corrected

    Changelog EA-version 1.0.3:


    • Correction: stop sign "Elisabethplatz" was named incorrectly

    Vehicle Tram R2.2b:

    • Bugfix: the direction of the indicator at the reversing console was inverted
    • Bugfix: you can now enter custom lines in the ITCS device (one, two or three digits; simply enter the line number without the route number)
    • Corrected the button "Warnglocke" at the reversing console from white to yellow and adapted the indicator lamps (yellow with an arrow)

    Changelog EA-version 1.0.3:


    • Preparation for missing street lighting: placed complete street lighting on the route of line 28, but due to a problem of LOTUS not yet functional
    • Backdrops fixed in the area around the stop Ottostraße
    • Signal signs (e.g. for speed limits) placed
    • Elevator cabin added to elevator at stop Karlsplatz/Stachus and animated it
    • Lighting for obelisk at Karolinenplatz added
    • PIS file for Munich terminus entries added

    Vehicle Tram R2.2b:

    • Preparation for Multiplayer mode (preparation of vehicle scripts)
    • NEW: Reversing console built in and made fully functional
    • NEW: Dynamic matrix display built in --> thereby PIS files are now supported and the tram can be used on other maps and you can create your own PIS files for the tram using the Content-Tool
    • Small corrections/adjustments regarding the script logic
    • Small adjustments of the vehicle engine sound at higher speeds
    • The following sounds were newly created and replaced:
      • Rail brake
      • Emergency brake button
      • Sanding
      • Warning sound in cockpit when emergency brake or rail brake are applied

    Changelog EA-version 1.0.2:

    Vehicle Tram R2.2b:

    • Bugfix: Animation point setpoint corrected
    • Bugfix: Odometer counts correctly now
    • Bugfix: Sanding system can now also be used above 20 km/h
    • Bugfix: cover flap of the wheelchair-platform-lift is now illuminated correctly
    • Bugfix: IBIS has shown some minutes with three digits in the main screen of departure times (list of next stops)
    • Menu item "Destination" now offers the possibility to select a few predefined points of interest
    • Matrix now shows the addition "via Karlsplatz" to the stop “Karlsplatz/Stachus”
    • Matrix now initial dark (Dots not filled in)
    • When the matrix display switches, a sound can now be heard

    Changelog EA-version 1.0.1:


    • All textures of the map and map objects were now provided with mipmaps (problem with black textures is solved by this)
    • Already placed street lighting made functional
    • Vegetation at Scheidplatz hugely improved
    • Numerous parking cars placed along the route
    • Numerous road construction bugs fixed (polygons)
    • Correction of catenary problem (main switch drops out at Stachus towards Sendlinger Tor)
    • Entrypoint Scheidplatz laid on correct track
    • Backdrops fixed at:
      • Lenbachplatz (Neptune Fountain)
      • Nordendstraße direction Sendlinger Tor

    Vehicle Tram R2.2b:

    • All textures of the vehicle are now provided with mipmaps (problem with black textures is solved by this)
    • NEW: Lift lift for wheelchair users fully functional integrated
    • Front and side roller blinds now functional
    • Key for key switch in cockpit added
    • Cockpit and Passenger Compartment Camera Perspectives Newly Adjusted
    • Special announcement "Training trip" was added
    • Matrix now switches to the next course shortly before reaching the final stop.
    • The stop brake can now be actuated by pressing the "Num *" key.
    • Increased announcement volume
    • Sliding windows in the cockpit are now correctly visible
    • Cockpit lighting now switches on automatically when "Automatic" is selected, when door 1 is open and passenger compartment lighting is switched on.
    • Passenger compartment lighting now switches on automatically only with "automatic" mode
    • Brake light no longer illuminates at standstill
    • A message will now be displayed when trying to select a journey between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.
    • Driver door can now also be opened from the passenger compartment perspective
    • Bugfix: Doorlights now work correctly
    • Bugfix: automatic door control works even when battery main switch is switched off
    • Bugfix: IBIS - selection of special announcements now works correctly
    • Bugfix: Pressing the door button for "Door 2" in the cockpit no longer causes door 2 not to open afterwards
    • Bugfix: when reversing you can now also brake when the main switch is off
    • Bugfix: Emergency brake now also acts on the rail brake
    • Traction current limitation does not limit the maximum speed anymore
    • Traction current limitation now no longer reduces the tractive power so much
    • Indicators in the cockpit now also light up when the cockpit is switched off
    • Indicators no longer dazzle in fog
    • Luminosity of the high beam slightly reduced
    • Sounds built in for:
      • Sliding window in cockpit
      • Cockpit door
      • validator

    We would like to inform you that our shop page is now available on Steam:

    Steam-Shop-Page LOTUS-Simulator: Munich Tram

    However, this is not a sales launch, but the preliminary information that the product will "soon be available".

    Steam requires that this is done some time before the release, hence this step.

    The advantage for you: If you add the product to your wish list on the shop page, you will be automatically notified about all further steps and the release date!

    Just have a look, we are looking forward to your visit! :)

    Dear Community,

    we have an exciting announcement for you!

    As you know, we have been working hard for many months on the creation of the Add-On Munich Tram, in close coordination with the LOTUS development team.

    The LOTUS Simulator itself has been available for several months now and has already invited many customers to experiment and try it out. Above all, however, it has aroused the curiosity to find out what content will be possible and sparked the anticipation of being able to drive a real replica of a route with a suitable vehicle in full line operation.

    It is exactly this experience that we want to make possible for you with Munich Tram for the first time for the LOTUS Simulator! We are happy to announce that we will launch the Early Access version of Munich Tram as the first add-on for the LOTUS Simulator!

    This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the tram driving experience on a complete route in the LOTUS Simulator already now.

    Why Early Access and what can be expected?

    Many of you want to enjoy a real tram ride experience as soon as possible and explore the city on a challenging route. We want to make this possible for you at a sensible point in time when we have finished the essential contents of the route and nothing stands in the way of driving pleasure.

    Since the LOTUS Simulator itself is still in the Early Access phase and therefore under development, we cannot yet integrate all the features and gameplay of the finished product. We make the highest demands on our finished product, which, however, still needs its time. Our add-on will grow directly with LOTUS and will be constantly updated with new functions and a comprehensive gameplay.

    Therefore, we use all possibilities which the LOTUS Simulator base offers us so far and enable you to fully utilize them with our add-on.

    You can expect a lovingly designed and detailed tram model of the R2.2b of the MVG and a completed route 28, which will lead you from the Sendlinger Tor to the Scheidplatz.

    From the very beginning you can use the route 28 completely with all stops - the built-in IBIS and the corresponding announcements already work perfectly!

    We have also already placed all the traffic lights and traffic signs on the entire route in detailed research and thus offer you an extremely realistic basis. You will be thrilled by the decorations of the stops and the quality of our house objects!

    And of course we have one or two other highlights for you, which we will tell you at the start. ?

    The Early Access is meant for all those, who already want to discover the driving fun with the Munich tram and want to look forward to new features, contents & details in very short time intervals and regular updates and thus have a longer play fun.

    When will Early Access start and what is the next schedule?

    Early Access will start in the 1st quarter of 2019. First with tram R2.2b and line 28.
    Line 27 will be added in the course of the 2nd quarter of 2019:

    There will be an extended IBIS and CAD/AVL integration by fall 2019, as well as timetable-connected AI rail traffic.

    We will implement a special gameplay and offer the possibility for cross-platform use with smartphones and tablets. We will announce more about this in spring!

    The final product with all features should be finished by the end of 2019 depending on the functionality of the LOTUS Simulator and will be further developed and supplemented.

    How much does the add-on cost and is there a difference to the final release version?

    The add-on costs € 29.99 and is available on the game platform Steam from the time of the Early Access start. You have the advantage that you can use the game early and explore the track. The price is identical to the final release version.

    All those who have already bought the add-on for Early Access will get all updates in between and the final release version automatically and free of charge via Steam at the earliest possible time and thus have an added value compared to those who buy the final release version first.

    In addition, by purchasing the Early Access version you support us developers and make it possible for us to develop further products in the future.

    What will the final product include?

    Our product Munich Tram - Route 27 & 28 will include the following:

    • Tram R2.2b of MVG with fully functional cockpit and detailed interior design
    • Route 27: Sendlinger Tor – Petuelring
    • Route 28: Sendlinger Tor - Scheidplatz
    • Over 370 highly detailed building objects
    • Highly detailed streets and scenery design
    • Various AI vehicles
    • Original announcements
    • Timetables and new gameplay

    How is the community involved in Early Access development?

    We will be in direct contact with you throughout Early Access via our social media channels and the LOTUS forum, where we will receive your feedback, wishes, suggestions and also your opinion on our questions. We look forward to a lively exchange with you!