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    Objects and splines from DLC can be locked by the creators for use in the map editor. If certain objects and splines cannot be found in the map editor, they have been locked and cannot be used.

    With the DLCs so far, quite a few objects and splines are not available.

    Your link does not represent a direct connection between 2 stations. That is why the arrow directions are ambiguous.

    In general, however, links should only be used if the automatic recognition of routes is not successful.

    But as I said before, your problem is probably with a station. So it's best to check the station I marked first. Everything else is based on it and can lead to subsequent errors.

    Yes, the 2.
    In the screenshot I marked the protocol box. This displays errors and problems when creating a route.

    It shows that a station can not be assigned to bus or train clearly.

    Please check this station whether the assignment to bus or train is correct.


    Could you give us more information about the route?
    By the specification '?[T][B]?' it seems that the timetable tool can not clearly assign rail- or road vehicles to your route.This draws from the route over all the further following groups, such as lines, ways and trips.