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    I am only commenting here because reference was made to my conductor rails. Since Florian has already answered the core question of the topic, I have not dealt with the main issue any further.

    Nevertheless, I have already dispelled the concerns that the conductor rails represent a particular burden on performance.

    So there shouldn't be any further problem here, should there?

    Thank you for your opinion on the power rail. They were built by me.

    On the subject of performance:

    In order to investigate the influence of power rails on the performance, I have already tested this in advance. I equipped a map once with all 3 power rails available in the base content, once with overhead power lines and once without any power supply. Obviously, the performance was highest without power supply. However, when looking at the FPS, the conductor rails performed better than when using the overhead line. For Lotus, the number of polygons is less important than the number of individual objects (such as catenary poles).

    Due to the technique of the map editor, the conductor rails are packed together with the tracks and sleepers into a fixed mesh. In terms of polygons, they belong together. Therefore, there is no problem here.

    If you have noticed a problem regarding the performance in comparison to one of your maps, you are welcome to send it to me so that I can understand this problem myself.

    On the subject of the model:

    In Berlin, where these conductor rails are used, there are places in the network where the corresponding faces are needed in order not to look into the void. For example, viaducts or certain turnarounds on the line. It is also planned to be able to walk around in the first-person perspective later on, where you can see the conductor rail from a different perspective.

    All in all, a holder of the conductor rail has less than 100 polygons and a piece of the conductor rail itself less than 75 polygons. In today's world, however, this is perfectly tolerable. Other factors have a much greater influence on performance, such as the textures.

    Finally, no one is forced to use my conductor rail. Especially since it is only used in the Berlin underground in this design. (As far as I know)

    If you don't like this variant, feel free to build your own and use it.

    You can set a const via repaint. If you want to do this you have to set a value for the const in the Repaint-Tool. (In the box, shown in the linked screenshot)

    In this textflied you have to add the name of the const an in the line below the value for this const. More than one is also possible. The syntax is allways:






    if you want to create a vehicle preset, you have to use this button in the vehicle configuration in the simulator.

    The preset will be saved in the steam directory in the Lotus Folder: steamapps\common\LOTUS-Simulator\Config\VehModulePresets

    This .wmp files can be shared with others and also be uploaded to the workshop.

    Objects and splines from DLC can be locked by the creators for use in the map editor. If certain objects and splines cannot be found in the map editor, they have been locked and cannot be used.

    With the DLCs so far, quite a few objects and splines are not available.

    Your link does not represent a direct connection between 2 stations. That is why the arrow directions are ambiguous.

    In general, however, links should only be used if the automatic recognition of routes is not successful.

    But as I said before, your problem is probably with a station. So it's best to check the station I marked first. Everything else is based on it and can lead to subsequent errors.

    Yes, the 2.
    In the screenshot I marked the protocol box. This displays errors and problems when creating a route.

    It shows that a station can not be assigned to bus or train clearly.

    Please check this station whether the assignment to bus or train is correct.


    Could you give us more information about the route?
    By the specification '?[T][B]?' it seems that the timetable tool can not clearly assign rail- or road vehicles to your route.This draws from the route over all the further following groups, such as lines, ways and trips.