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    ok i did some searching and i found out it was disabled in the editor for some odd reason even tho every content i downloaded from the Workshop was enabled. I reinstalled the Editor and the spline showed up in the editor again. I really don't know what happened there but i managed to fix this issue. Thank you for your concern Marcel! You can close this thread!

    Hello. I would like to report something. Station spline disappeared from both my "favorites" list and from main list. The type of spline i am talking about is this:

    I don't know if it's a bug since last time i checked few days ago it was listed as Base content in my Editor. Now it's completely gone. It is visible in the editor itself but not on the spline list.

    Hi! I discovered the "bug" with editor i like to report. Out of no reason direction blades of rails started moving and idk why. I clicked the button that recalculates blades but after 18% of loading line editor stops responding and crashes. I did wait for like 2 minutes for editor to start responding but nothing. Editor crashes when using this button. I looked at the log of the editor and no errors there at all. Thank you in advance!

    Thanks for your reply Otrivan! But now my only question is why did it change back to normal when i changed the quality of rails from Froggy Rough to just Rough??

    Hello Janine and Marcel Kuhnt i think i found why this bug is happening. I did a test with default tracks and the same bug happened

    But when i change the quality of the tracks from Froggy rough to just Rough bug is "fixed

    well mostly since there are some holes there but now that bug is gone. If you want i can make a different thread for this since this "bug" happens with any other tracks with "Froggy" quality. I hope you will put this as a bug to be fixed. Good bye for now!

    "Edit" This keeps happening randomly. Idk why. ?/

    Hi! I found bugs with this one type of rails when they cross each other. I laid them without no problem but when they cross each other this bug appears:

    Here's the name of rails i used

    That's all i think! Bye for now!

    Hi Dusseldor team.

    I have discovered some bugs. In GT8S and GT8SU there's a battery button bug on the dashboard. When i click the battery or (A) button it doesn't light up. The only button that lights up is the one that turns battery power unit off. When clicking one that turns the power unit on it that button doesn't light up.

    Second bug i noticed is the indoor advertisement place or what ever it's called

    You can see those holes on the edges.

    The rollband on the display doesn't "roll" when changing the destination. It only appears without any animations.

    And another bug i noticed is with wheel sounds. When going over rail crossings or junctions there's no sound of wheels going over them. The same goes with other vehicles in the addon. IDK If it's implemented yet or not but i saw videos on youtube that has these sounds. I don't have them.

    OK these are the bugs i noticed.

    Yeah and especially when editor doesn't want to regenerate the terrain you want. Lately happens to me. When i want to regenerate terrain with new spline or object editor doesn't regenerate that terrain spot, instead it ether regenerate neighboring terrain or doesn't regenerate at all so i have to navigate until editor regenerates everything which is dumb.

    This community and this forum doesn't need people like him. I would close this thread and ban him from this forum/community. But i am not an owner here and i can't order what would janine or marcel do.