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    -For trams people should hold the handlers so that they don't fall when tram is swaying

    -Passengers use their phones ( searching the web, texting or calling someone randomly. You hear the ringing sound (if they were called on the cell phone and they pick up and talk), you hear "ding" sound if they got a message via Viber or Messanger) take out books, newspaper to read

    -Driver helping people with wheelchairs to get on the vehicle

    -If a passenger doesn't feel good he/she asks to exit the vehicle and if the passenger pass out in your vehicle other passengers tell you to stop the vehicle ( if the vehicle has emergency levers in passenger compartment they pull it as well) with two scenarios ether they call the ambulance or you call ambulance or you tell the dispatcher what happened via communication station in your cabin. Of course there should be an option for the player to enable or disable this function

    -If your tram broke down ( i am stating trams for example here) passengers exit your tram and the tram behind you which will push you to garage and if the station is near they will walk up the station and wait for another tram that's coming or if they exited vehicles on the station they will stand on the platform waiting for another tram if there are more than 2 trams on the line. If there's one tram on the line and it broke down than they will wait for substitute tram to come on the location provided by you the driver but it will not come before second tram that will push you to the garage. In the case of buses they will exit the bus and wait for a substitute bus dispatched on the location given by you the driver.

    -Passengers open the windows when it's hot. Now they can do it right after they entered the vehicle OR after some time if they feel the heat they will lift their left hand (if the window is on the left side or depending on the position of the seat) or right hand (if the window in on the right hand side or depending on the position of the seat) and actually open the window unlike in OMSI where they "open" the window but you don't see them move.

    -Passengers open the roof hatchet if your vehicle has one

    -Passengers actually move/have movement. Passengers move, scratch their head or arm, look at their wrist watch or take out their phones briefly to see the time, if they have a bag or a handbag they ether put down on the floor near them or put them on their lap and when they want to exit a.k.a get ready to exit the vehicle they pick the bag or a handbag and carry them with them again

    -Passengers forget their belongings in your vehicle. After the end of the rout when your vehicle is empty and you take a break you see a bag or a laptop or a wallet in your vehicle. You come to it and the game will inform you if there is a contact of that person or not. If there's a contact than you call that person to inform them they forgot their belongings. After you return their belongings your reputation will go up and sometimes you will get money as a reward or some kind of reward. If there's no contact or anything than you can call your company or a dispatcher to inform them you found someone's belongings and you will hand them the belongings

    -Passengers show their tickets. OK i got this idea from Fernbus Simulator. :P This is mostly for a tourist buses and trains. Before they get on your bus or a train you will have to take a look at their tickets and if the ticket is for the line you are driving than you allow them on. If their ticket is not for that line than you don't allow them on. Remember what i said about bags and handbags for trams and buses? That applies for trains and coaches too.

    (BTW keep the ideas coming. I am planing to make a topic where all of our ideas are in one place in one "comment" so that developers can easily see all the ideas we came up with. :) )

    No. They made is even more easier. You subscribe to mods on Steam workshop. You see the green "Subscribe" button under the screenshot slides on the left side near the name of the mod? You click that and it will download the mods automatically. If you want to uninstall mods you click the same green button but this time it will say "Subscribed"

    He is talking about placing catenary poles. He wants to know if there's a chance for him to place more than 1 or 2 poles at the same time since he spent an hour placing poles one by one or if he can place catenary as a spline in one line/one go like you can do with buildings.

    In my opinion and from my point of view that's HUGE down side and biggest mistake made in Editor when it comes to placing poles and catenary poles and street lights.

    Well i don't know if it's terrain problem or not but the rails and polygons disappear for some odd reason. I don't know why but in the game tram is driving normally. So the problem is that rails and polygons disappear/invisible

    Edit: Yes you are right Marcel Kuhnt it's not the terrain. The rails and Polygons are invisible for some odd reason. As you can see the white triangles are there so you can see the rails are connected

    Hi everyone :) Another day another bug report for Janine and Marcel Kuhnt  :P OK so when i work on one part of the map but mainly with the terrain height Editor increases the height of the terrain on random part of the map by itself. I believe it's the bug of some sort because i didn't touched this part of the map at all since i finished with terrain height of this part of the map and i moved to the different part. Take a look :)

    Sometimes rails go through the road polygons as well. ( Note that i didn't manipulated with the height of the terrain and polygons and i didn't changed gradient or cant of the rail.

    I hope you will read and i hope you have solution to this problem :) Thanks in advance!

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