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    1. Please describe as detailed as possible what you did and which problem that leads to.

    Hello everyone! I decided to return to Lotus after a long time of not using it and decided to use the editor. The issue i have appears randomly after i save splines i placed. After that i switch from 2D to 3D and then this error appears

    It appears not further than the spot i started placing first splines and objects. After clicking OK nothing happens i can continue placing splines and objects but after i close the editor and open it again either polygons are half visible half ininvisible until i click on them (they become invisible after i stop highlighting them) or splines are invisible (same thing happens) or both splines and polygons are invisible until i highlight them. Sometimes after running the editor after closing that error window everything is fine splines are there without bugging out (becoming half invisible) I have to delete them in order for them to fix this but sometimes that same bug appears and it's getting frustrating at this point. Here's the picture that explains better

    When highlighted like this they appear visible just like after placing them to edit length and radius

    I hope you can see what i mean. This happens sometimes only for splines, sometimes only for the road markings such as lines, sometimes only for polygons and sometimes for splines, road markings and polygons at the same time. Refreshing option doesn't fix this at all. I didn't see anything in the log file for the editor but i will post it here anyways. I wanted to post this few days ago but i was busy with my job. I hope you can fix this or write to me and explain to me what i am doing wrong. Thank you in advance

    2. Please post your logfile and if possible attach your debug logfile, as well, which have been created during the problem occured.

    Here's my log file…_V2X3/view?usp=share_link

    Here's the new logfile. Btw could this happen because i'm adding too many splines??? I am making short splines in order to have good FPS in LOTUS.

    Would you mind sending your map for testing purposes?

    Private Unterhaltungen mit der Forenleitung

    I won't mind.

    Florian maybe i misunderstood things since i was using google translate to translate what people in German are saying so maybe some sentences described that wrong.

    Hello. I want to report awful performance i have with editor. So to get somethings out of the way, no i don't have anything running in the background like internet browser and only thing that's running are Steam and editor. Now on to explanation of the problem. This never happened before the last three updates of the main simulator and editor and i could even run browser along side the editor. Now after the last three updates i can't even run editor normaly with only splines and polygons placed on the map and i used to have a pretty big map with different objects in the past and i worked on it without the current issue i have with the editor. Now the editor has awful performance, it's laggy, sometimes i can't even click on the spline to highlight it, it runs slow now and i run it on like 10 FPS and i don't want to imagine how it will run if i place objects like houses and buildings. So i decided to open task manager and editor literally drinks the memory. It runs at almost 3 gigs of memory space and memory usage jumped to 98%. The picture i posted is the second time i ran editor and somehow it is running at 2.5 gigs of memory. First time i ran it today it jumbed at 3 gigs. Just to let things out i run GTA 5 which is way more demanding game and other games on my PC without any issue. LOTUS editor is the only program on my PC that causes issues. I even had situations where editor freezes and crashes. This never happened in my whole 2 years of using the editor. I tested LOTUS itself and i don't have any issues with it. So it's the editor that has the issues.

    Here's the memory thing i was talking about

    I really don't know what's causing this issue with editor. I admit i don't have NASA type PC but running other games even demanding ones without this kind of an issue but the map editor is...idk what to say. I hope devs look at this and fix the optimisation of the editor. I really don't know what is going on.

    ok i did some searching and i found out it was disabled in the editor for some odd reason even tho every content i downloaded from the Workshop was enabled. I reinstalled the Editor and the spline showed up in the editor again. I really don't know what happened there but i managed to fix this issue. Thank you for your concern Marcel! You can close this thread!

    Hello. I would like to report something. Station spline disappeared from both my "favorites" list and from main list. The type of spline i am talking about is this:

    I don't know if it's a bug since last time i checked few days ago it was listed as Base content in my Editor. Now it's completely gone. It is visible in the editor itself but not on the spline list.

    Hi! I discovered the "bug" with editor i like to report. Out of no reason direction blades of rails started moving and idk why. I clicked the button that recalculates blades but after 18% of loading line editor stops responding and crashes. I did wait for like 2 minutes for editor to start responding but nothing. Editor crashes when using this button. I looked at the log of the editor and no errors there at all. Thank you in advance!

    Thanks for your reply Otrivan! But now my only question is why did it change back to normal when i changed the quality of rails from Froggy Rough to just Rough??

    Hello Janine and Marcel Kuhnt i think i found why this bug is happening. I did a test with default tracks and the same bug happened

    But when i change the quality of the tracks from Froggy rough to just Rough bug is "fixed

    well mostly since there are some holes there but now that bug is gone. If you want i can make a different thread for this since this "bug" happens with any other tracks with "Froggy" quality. I hope you will put this as a bug to be fixed. Good bye for now!

    "Edit" This keeps happening randomly. Idk why. ?/

    Hi! I found bugs with this one type of rails when they cross each other. I laid them without no problem but when they cross each other this bug appears:

    Here's the name of rails i used

    That's all i think! Bye for now!