Template for the loading screen of a map

  • The loading screen of a map, which is shown while loading the map, can be different for each map.

    At the moment there are only *.bmp files allowed at a size of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

    The following advices should be considered also for designing the image:

    • The user will see this screen everytime the map gets loaded. So choose a subject, which is ageless and good looking. A subject with many hidden details are considered as good.
    • Only use screenshots from the simulator and not from the real world.
    • At the position of the loading bar there shouldn't be any white background.
    • If you've got a logo of your map/project/studio, feel free to use it.
    • If you're running several projects, choose a similar style for the loading screens. May be set the same Elements at the same position.
    • Keep in mind advices or longer texts can't be translated.
    • The loading bar may cover some areas of the image. These areas don't need any specialties.
    • Match the loading screen to the version you deliver as download. Don't make promises the version doesn't consist of. So only mention vehicles and route, which are included in this version of your map.
    • Respect third party rights! Don't use screenshots you don't own or logos from companies you have no rights to use for.