First Aid: Restoring a backup

  • The ContentTool creates automatic backups at each save action. The previous version is stored as a backup. Using this up to 10 previous versions are saved so you can restore them if needed. If you are working with the MapEditor, you should make regularly backups using the blue transport container button. Here we're describing how to restore these backups.

    Restoring a backup is now done as follows:

    1 Content-Tool

    • In the Export folder each backup is placed in a separate folder called {ObjectName.lob}_BU#. The newest backup has number 0 and the oldest has number 9.
    • Before restoring anything first copy the complete Object folder, with all bits and bobs, in case something goes wrong.
    • In the Export folder delete {ObjectName.lob}.lge, {ObjectName.lob}.lob, all {ObjectName.lob}@###.lgo and all {ObjectName.lob}@###.lgp files.
    • Copy the files with the same names from the chosen backup folder up into the Export folder. The backup folder will usually be BU0, unless this data is not usable or not as you want.
    • Copy {ObjectName.lob} from the Export folder into the Object folder above. Overwrite the existing Object data found there.
    • Test!
    • In all cases, please keep the complete backup mentioned above. Add the current date to it and store it somewhere on an external hard drive. Please don't delete it!

    2 Map-Editor

    A backup, which was created with :pack: can be restored as follows:

    • Frist change into the MapEditor working directory (you can find the path in the MapEditor options).
    • There you will find a folder for each map. Please find the map which should be restored.
    • Move this folder our of the working directory to a "safe" place.
    • Now open the backup zip file. Here you will find another folder with the name of your map. Copy/extract it into the MapEditor working directory.
    • In the MapEditor, you should can load the map again with the old backup state. Just continue your work as usual.
    • If everything is working well, you could delete the old folder, you have moved out of the working directory – if you are sure you won't need it anymore.