Train plans

  • To let the user select matching vehicles or let LOTUS select a random vehicle you can create "train plans" within the Map Editor. Also the AI trains get defined here.

    1 Concept

    1.1 Train plan main list

    Within the train plan main list (each map has one of it) there are defined simple cars and also trains. To specify this a bit the main list consists of Elements, which can be a vehicle, a random generated vehicle or a part of a train.

    1.2 Sub lists

    There can be an unlimited count of sub lists, which can consist of an unlimited count of elements from the main list. When configuring the entrypoints and AI trains you can use the data from these sub lists to define, which car or train will be drive this circuit.

    1.3 List elements

    Like already said there exist three types of list elements:

    1.3.1 Specified vehicle

    This entry has a the ContentID of the vehicle, later on there should be repaint lists or vehicle numbers lists alongside the configuration of modules and contraints.

    1.3.2 Random generated vehicle

    LOTUS will select randomly a vehicle from the list you create here. Obviously this list consists of the several list elements.

    1.3.3 Train

    Das Zug-Element enthält ebenfalls eine Liste von Elementen, aus denen der Zug gebildet werden kann. Jedem Element kann man eine Richtung zuweisen, in der es in den Zug eingereiht werden soll. The train element has also a list of elements, which composite the train. Each element has a direction either the driving direction or against the driving direction

    1.4 Cascading

    The recursive structure described before allows you to composite very complex trains. A train could be consist of a specified vehicle and two randomly picked vehicles, which also consist of a train or two cars or whatever.

    1.5 Deadlocks

    The Map Editor will check the main list, if there may be a dealock. There is the possibility to define a train with a GT6N and two times the GT6N itself, which leads to a creation of an infinit train. ;-)

    2 Configuration in the Map Editor

    To edit the train plan you have to click on the left on the category "General configuration" on "Train plans":

    At the top there is the main list. The buttons "+" and "-" underneath this list add or delete entries. After creating a new entry you can doubleclick on this entry or click edit, so depending on the type of element different menus appear.

    Below and on the left there is the list of sub lists located. To add or delete a list you also use the "+" or "-" buttons. When selecting a sub list the content of this sub list appears on the right to edit it by simply selecting an element from the main list and click on "Down Arrow" to add this entry to the sub list. The other way around is to select an entry from the sub list, click on "Up Arrow" so this entry get deleted.

    The editing of an element from the element type "specified vehicle" gets done in the following dialog:

    Besides the definition of the name you can select from the installed vehicles. Later on you can configure even more attributes.

    When editing a random generated vehicle the dialog looks like this:

    Beside the name you can add an unlimited amount of element into the upper list, by clicking the button "Add" and select then the element from the main list. You can add a priority, if it is different to one, written in brackets behind the entry in the upper list.

    The editing dialog for train elements looks like this:

    You navigate through this dialog like in the random vehicle dialog with the only difference, that order you define in the list is set for the us ingame. The parameter direction could be a direction itself or randomly defined.