LOTUS Tools Early Access

  • LOTUS is currently available in an Early Access version containing the module "Rails of LOTUS", the Map Editor and the Content Tool. There are some facts you should know.

    1 Why Early Access?

    The base of LOTUS is ready. You can build maps, vehicles can be imported, configured and of course, you can drive the vehicle.

    The tools to provide this features are ready and the simulation has a plenty of functions to provide a very realistic simulation regarding physics, sounds and so on. For now we want to optimize the tools based on the suggestions you give us. Also we want to build a high realistic gameplay to reach our goal: A simulation, where you can do more than simply drive trains or buses, where you can create, learn, improve, be creative and meet people like you to have fun as long as possible.

    2 How long will LOTUS remain in Early Access?

    At least LOTUS will remain in Early till 2019 - the end of Early Access is based on the features we want to have built in when releasing the full version of LOTUS.

    3 What is the difference between the full version of LOTUS and the Early Access of LOTUS?

    The following features are currently not implemented in LOTUS:

    • LOTUS-Simulator
      • AI
      • Gameplay
      • Content
        • "Berlin Traffic" map
        • complex vegetation
      • Environment
        • weather and seasons
      • Engine
        • complex graphic effects
    • Map editor
      • freeform and paint on terrain
      • AI paths
      • complex catenaries

    4 What is the current situation of LOTUS Early Access

    The following features are currently available

    • LOTUS-Simulator
      • Gameplay
        • realistic physics for driving, coupling and the rails
        • simulation of systems like buttons, light sources, animations
        • individual control with gamecontrollers and keyboards
        • configure trains out of several vehicles
        • VR support
        • realtime tooltips when misusing the vehicle
      • Content
        • test map "Diorama"
        • Berlin GT6N at approx. 90%
        • basic sceneryobjects for free using
      • Environment
        • daytime, sun
      • Engine
        • base engine with file management, options, GUI, simulator, steam interface, efficient multithreading
        • realtime lighting, dynamic shadows, glow, normal-/bump-Maps, parallax occlusion, particle systems
        • sounds
        • plugin interface for usage of external hardware
        • individual customizing of the language and language files
    • Map-Editor
      • build streets and crossings in the editor
      • build rails and switches
      • place splines and polygons
      • single line and double line catenary
      • build your map on the real world coordinates
      • show a detailed map of the city you build as the terrain
      • import DEM files
    • Content-Tool
      • complex content management system
      • import vehicles and sceneryobjects
      • complex configuration of animations light sources, vehicle behavior, train configurations and many more
      • scripts for vehicles and sceneryobjects
      • mesh animations
      • configure particle system for vehicles
      • complex configuration of materials including night textures and normal map and so on

    5 Will the price for the full version be the same as the Early Access version?

    The price for the Early Access version is identical to the price of the release version. We focus on add on developer, who wants to stay in contact with the developer of LOTUS and build their own projects with the LOTUS Tools or wants to be a user from the beginning.

    6 In which way get the community involved into the development of LOTUS

    We feature, while the Early Access is running, a fast and direkt support and the possibility to talk with the developer about the features you want. Also every bug report helps us a lot. There might some polls, which feature should be integrated next.

    LOTUS is very complex, so we need the feedback from users with different setups, from add on developers working with other standards than the German one to release our high ambitious product in the best manner we are capable of. So we need YOU!