Modules of LOTUS

  • LOTUS consists of several modules, which you can buy seperately and will not depend on each other.

    1 In general

    The LOTUS simulator has the following modules:

    • LOTUS engine & content
    • Rails of LOTUS
    • Streets of LOTUS
    • Wings of LOTUS

    The engine has no price, but you can't play it without having purchased any module. It contains the base of LOTUS like graphics, filemanagement, options, GUI, simulation and so on. The modules itself are the "payware part" when buying LOTUS. They will provide everything, which is needed to simulate the specific traffic category. The standard content we provide is free to use.

    2 Rails of LOTUS - purchase now!

    This module unlocks every vehicle, which is driving on rails and enables signals and their control centers. The rails could be made out of steel like used for trains or could be wire based like cable cars. Vehicles, which drive on rails and on the street, need also the module 'Streets of LOTU to work properly. So this module enables the following vehicle types:

    • Tramcars
    • Trains (high speed trains, suburban trains, local trains, steam locomotives, light railway and industrial railway)
    • underground / metro
    • light metro / pre metro
    • rack railway
    • monorails and suspension railway
    • hand trolleys
    • aerial tramways
    • cable cars and funicular

    The content we provide is the metro tram line M1 from Berlin (currently work in progress) and the GT6N, later on some suburban and underground lines - with the appropriate vehicles.

    3 Streets of LOTUS - purchase now!

    With Streets of LOTUS you can use free-moving vehicles. The engine type of the vehicles could be a combustion engine, an electric or hybrid engine. The power supply can be batteries or like trolley buses from an external power supply. The vehicles enabled by this module are:

    • Bus - single decker
    • Bus - double decker
    • Bus - articulated and double articulated
    • Bus - trolleybus
    • Bus - track guided
    • Electric vehicles
    • cars and trucks
    • cycles and motorcycles
    • tracked vehicles

    We build the bus line 100 from Berlin and the MAN Lion's City DD.

    4 Wings of LOTUS - currently unavailable

    This module enables you to fly in LOTUS. You can use vehicles, which fly because of the buoyant lift (like ballons) or because of the dynamic lift (like airplanes). Also we want to develope the feature to monitor the flight area. The vehicles concerning this module are the following:

    • motorised airplnes (standard airplanes, private airplanes, aerobatic planes, ultralights)
    • seaplane
    • helicopter and gyrocopter
    • power glider
    • glider
    • ballons
    • zeppelins

    5 Content-Tool - now available and free to use

    The Content Tool is used to configure every content except for maps, so you can import or edit:

    • scenery objects
    • vehicles
    • sounds
    • scripts (import, assignment)
    • textures
    • language files

    You can also manage the developement teams and the upload to the Steam Workshop.

    6 Map-Editor - now available and free to use

    Within the Map Editor you create maps for LOTUS. The Map Editor will always show the map like it will look like in the simulation. The unique features of the Map Editor (subgrades, terrain cutting and many more) will help you to build a realistic map.