• Some difficult terms we use quite often in LOTUS are getting explained here.
    terms explanation
    Addon An addon is the union of some content. There may exist addons, which provide several bus models or a map. Everything that belongs to these buses or to this map is the addon. Installed once the addon is playable in the simulation.
    Container A container consists of content to provide it for other users. Container will be created and read by LOTUS for playing or editing. You can upload your containers into the Workshop. The content of a container may be a bunch of objects like buildings or a single vehicle.
    Content The content describes all data, which can be simulated by LOTUS like maps, buildings, vehicles and everything that belongs to these categories. Plugins, libraries, DLLs, log files, savestates, configuration files and so on are no content.
    DLC DLC is the short term for downloable content and is used in relation to LOTUS mainly for payware addons.
    Freeware -> UGC
    Logfile / Debug logfile The logfile is located in the LOTUS subdirectory /logs/. The LOTUS Tools and LOTUS itself create logfiles. To create a debug logfile you have to set a starting parameter. These debug logfiles contain several information about errors, which is important for the support team.
    Payware -> DLC
    UGC UGC is the short term for user generated content and describes the freeware addons in relation to LOTUS. You can find them in the Workshop in the most cases.
    Workshop Der Workshop ist eine Plattform von Steam, auf der LOTUS-bezogener Content von Content-Entwicklern bereitgestellt und verwaltet sowie von Spielern abonniert und heruntergeladen werden kann. Ein abonniertes Workshop-Addon (also eine bereitgestellte Content-Einheit eines Entwicklers) wird von Steam in LOTUS installiert und im Falle von Updates auch automatisch aktualisiert
    The workshop is a plattform made by Steam to share and manage LOTUS related content. As the user you simply have to subscribe to the addon in the workshop to install the addon. The addon will be updated automatically.