Quality Guidelines for Payware vehicles

  • The following lexicon article deals with the high quality requirements for payware vehicles.

    It's not easy to develop a payware addon for LOTUS. To set a clear difference to freeware vehicles, who are not subject to regulations, the quality requirements are so high that you have to have access to the model yourself, or at least a reliable partner with access to the vehicles, in order to implement every aspect in a way that it is above (almost) any criticism.

    Examples of what is expected from a payware vehicle addon at least:

    • Models are absolutely prototypical
    • different prototypical vehicle variants included in the add-on, if applicable
    • Usage of all graphic effects possible in LOTUS that are matching the model, such as normal maps, detail textures, ambient occlusion, etc.
    • For the sake of performance, unnecessary meshes and objects are reduced, AI meshes are clean, visibility settings are made, etc.
    • driving experience (through operation, handling, system depth and sounds) corresponds to reality
    • prototypical vehicle modules (displays, on-board computers), module slots that comply with existing conventions
    • complete repaintability (also full coats)
    • full multiplayer functionality
    • since we are still in the EA, the willingness for later adaptations, if features are added or changes have occurred

    Payware add-ons at LOTUS are definitely not the quick money, but may require a special passion for a specific vehicle, otherwise you might not have much sense for the idiosyncrasies that ultimately give the add-on its soul.