Overview plugin

  • A plugin for LOTUS is a DLL which is loaded by LOTUS and allows read access to the vehicle variables. It can also be used to trigger button and game controller axis events in the vehicle script.

    A typical use case for such a DLL could be to connect complex hardware to the simulation. In this case, the DLL carries out the communication with LOTUS on the one hand, but also with the connected hardware.

    Each plugin will be placed in the "Plugins" subfolder (to be created if necessary). Each plugin consists of the plugin DLL and a *.ini file, which is used to configure the DLL when loading it.

    On startup LOTUS searches the plugins folder for *.ini files. These files contain the information which DLL should be loaded and configured how.

    The plugin DLL contains the actual executable code in the form of a set of public methods which LOTUS accesses during the simulation to allow variable and event access.

    The exact structure of the *.ini files and the typical structure of a Plugin-DLL is explained in two separate articles.