Configuring hot keys and gamecontrollers

  • The existing key combinations are not fixed, but can be changed. New key combinations can also be added and game controllers can be configured.

    1 Where does all this happen?

    All of the above configuration options are configured on the "Key Assignments" and "Controller Axes" tabs.

    The important thing here is:

    • If you want to change existing keyboard-key combinations or assign game controller keys to functions already assigned to a keyboard key, the Options dialog box should be opened in the Start screen
    • However, if special vehicle functions are to be reassigned with keyboard or game controller keys, the vehicle in question must be placed on a map before the start screen is opened. Only then will the additional, vehicle-specific functions be displayed.
    • If game controller axes are to be configured, the vehicle in question must also be placed on a card.

    (Note: This does not mean that you can only configure new functions or game controller axes for a specific vehicle. If another vehicle has the same function or axis, then the newly assigned button or axis will automatically apply to that vehicle).

    2 Keypad

    2.1 Editing the Key Assignment

    To change an existing shortcut key, you should search for the entry in the list and then click the "Edit" button. A dialog box appears with the text "LOTUS listens...".

    Now all you have to do is press the corresponding key, which is then displayed, and click "OK".

    2.2 Adding a key combination

    In LOTUS it is possible to assign several key combinations to a function. To do this, you also search for the function in the list to which you want to assign another function. Now click on "Add". The text "LOTUS listens..." appears, you can press the key combination and then click OK.

    The difference is that the function is listed twice with different key combinations:

    2.3 Re-assign function

    Most vehicles have clickable elements that do not simply trigger one of the functions that are already assigned a key combination.

    However, you can assign your own key combination to them as well. To do this, load the vehicle, open the options dialog box with the tab "Key assignment" and find vehicle-specific, additional functions there. In the GT6N, for example, this is "A_OpenWindow_L1", which ensures that the front left hinged window is opened or closed. So this is a function which otherwise can only be triggered with the mouse.

    Here too, you click on "add", can then press your desired combination and confirm with "OK".

    3 Game controller buttons

    The assignment of game controller keys is also done in the tab "Key Assignments".

    As with the keyboard mappings, you assign a new game controller key by clicking on "Add". When the message "LOTUS is listening..." appears, simply press the desired key on the game controller. The number of the button and the name of the game controller will then be displayed. Then confirm with "OK".

    Changing a game controller key is similar to changing a keyboard key combination.

    4 Game controller axes

    To add game controller axes, a vehicle that supports the corresponding axis must be loaded.

    You now switch to "Controller Axes" in the Options dialog box and find a tab that is very similar to the "Key Mappings" tab.

    In the list of possible axes you now select the one you want to assign a game controller axis to. Now you click on "Add" and the well-known message appears.

    Here too, you now move the desired axis on the game controller so that it is displayed at the top. Here you can also specify that the axis should be inverted, i.e. reversed if necessary. Then confirm with "OK". The table of axes can also be inverted using the check mark behind it.