Virtual Reality

  • LOTUS supports the VR devices Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and probably also every VR device, which is compatible with OpenVR.

    1 Start LOTUS in VR mode

    - Check the requirements of your device

    - Install the VR client (SteamVR or Oculus Rift Client)

    - Either set the starting parameter in LOTUS or chose the VR version of LOTUS in Steam

    - The device gets detected automatically

    - Setup your game in the main menu and start the game

    - Put on your device

    2 Settings

    - Place yourself upright on your chair, look straight forward and center your view with Ctrl+Shift+V.

    - You can center the mouse by pressing the space bar.

    3 Performanceoptimization

    - Go ingame to Options --> Graphics and check the box named "Minimum effects" and also activate maybe "Reduced texture resolution".

    - Antialiasing with Oculus Rift: Go to the install directory of the VR client (like C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\ ) and start the program OculusDebugTool. Change the value of Pixels Per Display Pixel Override to 1.5 or 2 (the value of 2 is recommended).

    4 Capture videos while in VR mode

    - with Oculus Rift:Go to the install directory of the VR client and start the program OculusMirror. Capture this program instead of LOTUS. There are several parameters possible for this program:

    -RectilinearBothEyes --> shows both VR eyes not in undistorted

    -PostDistortion --> shows both VR eyes distorted and with abberations - That's the original sight you get on your device.

    -LeftEyeOnly oder -RightEyeOnly --> Shows only one eye

    -IncludeGuardian --> This will show a message, when the specified borders or objects are reached

    -IncludeNotifications --> Shows notifications

    -Width X und -Height X --> This will set the window widht and height