Can I modify the vehicle easily?

  • Hello.

    In OMSI, I can modify the vehicle easily, change models, edit scripts, textures and sounds.

    But in LOTUS, I don't know how to open files of the vehicle (like GT6N). So can I modify it with files I had, or I shoud to ask author to get more source codes?

    And, how to make repaints for GT6N? Thank you.:)

  • Sorry, but in LOTUS, you cannot change vehicle files like in OMSI. Of course it will be possible to make repaints for other author's vehicles with a special content item. But especially the script cannot be changed.

    Of course you can contact the author of your favorite vehicle to get the source files for editing! :-)

  • Maybe adapt ETS2 approach, where the user can configure the view within the game itself. You can move your seat, your head, change the FOV, adjust the steering wheel and move your mirrors.

    That would be the best solution honestly.


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