• Again, not gonna create another thread as this kind of belongs here:

    Can i just suggest you to add some different mechanics/provide more moderation of this reservation system?

    In Hungary for example, some 10 year olds reserved Budapest almost entirely, so now my friends and I can't build a real multiplayer map there...

    These pathetic children of course probably don't even have a clue on how to use the map editor, they just reserved all the tiles but no way he or anyone will ever build an entire city by himself matching the required quality. So my suggestion would be, to either allow everyone to build on the same place, and whoever actually finishes and shows the best quality, let him have his map added to the real multiplayer world, or to only allow reservation to those who can prove that they will actually use that area (by writing on the WIP thread in the forum or something) and build a quality real map.

    Another annoying thing with the current system, is that there are a lot of tiles where different bus/tram lines intersect, and as we can't make reservations as a team, even if person 1 only reserves the tiles he needs for his line, the line person 2 is working on will have a "hole" in it, because one of the required tiles was already reserved by person 1.

    Lastly, please if you can, delete the reservation which was made by user "Balzska" as the title of his reservation is a really obscene and hateful sentence ("You f*#kheads, Buda is mine" in English...) and he clearly won't build a real map with an attitude like that... I would suggest banning people like this from reserving in the multiplayer world...

    Thank you :)