Do you know how to add ibis to your own vehicle?

  • Well, if you want to use the IBIS in a different vehicle, you can insert modular objects. There are some articles about it in the lexicon but they are not translated yet. Also rememver that the GT6n-IBIS is build particularly for the GT6n so it might look and work not perfectly.

  • There is no object in the traditional sense, because the IBIS is part of the module system.

    Modules such as an IBIS or destination display can be added via object settings in the Content Tool.

    As Heidetorf mentions, there is a lexicon article but the translation is still pending.


  • I'll try.

    First load your vehicle in the Content Tool and open the object properties.

    There you will find a box called Modules with an Add button.

    As soon as you click on Add, a dialog appears, which must be confirmed with Yes.

    Then you have to enter the important data for the module system, including the position of the module where it will be displayed later in the vehicle.

    At the end of the box you will find a drop-down list from which you can select the "IBIS_BerlinTram (IBIS_BerlinTram)".

    (sorry for german texts in the picture, but for unknown reasons I could not change the language at the moment ?/)

    For further questions, it would be nice to get a few more details we can work with. At the moment I have the feeling it's more like poking in the dark. :)

  • please post a screenshot of the object setting window.

    it should look similar to this

    inside the red marking you can see the modules box.

    If there are no modules in sight, your tram may have been imported incorrectly (I guess it's a tram but maybe i wrong and it's a bus or something else, who knows:rolleyes:).

    To import a railbound vehicle, you must choose following:

    Objects & Vehicles -> Create/import new object -> Rail vehicle

    -> ->

  • Here we go! :D

    Now you have to adjust the position and the rotation (x, y, z). At this point, the IBIS should be at a height of 2 meters in the center of your vehicle. The correct position could be read out of your 3d software.

    You should also set up the light room and animation properties correctly.

    As far as I know, the modules are not displayed by default in the Content Tool. But if everything is set correctly, the IBIS should be selectable in the in-game menu and you can see it in the simulator.