LOTUS Patch notes - 1.EA.079

  • 1.EA.079

    :NewFeature: Simulation: New graphic effects added. Please enable the "Postrendering" option. This effect should still be fine-tuned. So if you have any comments, please let us know! Attention: Please have a look at the content of you, that is glowing! Vehicles, street lamps, bus stops - everything that has light sources. Look at them day and night. Certain settings may need to be adjusted - if something looks strange, please let us know, and we will be happy to help you adjust the settings.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Intensity of the sunrays adjustable

    :NewFeature: Simulation: LODing (especially for 3D trees) enabled. Fine tuning still has to be done.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Up to 16 "headlights" can now be activated (i.e. light sources that illuminate the environment from the user vehicle). This control should be used with caution, however, as the graphics card computing effort becomes correspondingly heavy!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Ingame Alarm Clock

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Multiplayer: Possibility to leave your group directly if you are in a group and want to join another game

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Interim options introduced, because the "right" options sometimes caused problems when opening during simulation.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Performance of the user bus improved

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Also in the 64bit version you are asked if you want to configure a new game controller automatically when you connect it.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Multiplayer - Bugfix: Time was set 1 hour forward after joining a game

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Multiplayer: Progress of time is now saved in order to rejoin a game at the latest position AND latest clocktime

    :Bugfix: Simulation: When objects are "clicked on" with the mouse, left and right mouse button can be pressed independently and simultaneously

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Complete revision of the internal functions around adding, editing and deleting hotkeys of all kinds

    :Bugfix: interim options and interim FIS: scrolling possible with live update

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: New refresh button for all layers :refreshalllayers: (Attention! Slow!)

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: New soil texture mode "Grid"

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: From now on you have to press the [Ctrl]-key while editing/creating objects and lines of any kind if you want to select other elements or helpers at the same time, e.g. to achieve aligns or snaps.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Scenery objects can be hidden

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Button to north the view

    :Bugfix: MapEditor - Bugfix: Gradient was also applied to relative paths

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: A freshly loaded map is not immediately shown as unsaved.

    :Bugfix: ContentTool: Third LOD level introduced

    - Content: New Berlin buildings

    - Content: DDR drop light (high double version)

    - Content: Berlin bus stops cube

    - Content: Slightly thicker version of the standard bus stop font

    - Content: Flipdot display adapted to the specifications in the lexicon

    :Bugfix: Content: Berlin tariff system and the special FIS files are now marked as public domain.

    - Content: Update of the containers of Steven, Pandemist and Yufa

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