LOTUS Patch notes - 1.EA.098

  • 1.EA.079

    :NewFeature: Simulation: New graphic effects added. Please enable the "Postrendering" option. This effect should still be fine-tuned. So if you have any comments, please let us know! Attention: Please have a look at the content of you, that is glowing! Vehicles, street lamps, bus stops - everything that has light sources. Look at them day and night. Certain settings may need to be adjusted - if something looks strange, please let us know, and we will be happy to help you adjust the settings.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Intensity of the sunrays adjustable

    :NewFeature: Simulation: LODing (especially for 3D trees) enabled. Fine tuning still has to be done.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Up to 16 "headlights" can now be activated (i.e. light sources that illuminate the environment from the user vehicle). This control should be used with caution, however, as the graphics card computing effort becomes correspondingly heavy!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Ingame Alarm Clock

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Multiplayer: Possibility to leave your group directly if you are in a group and want to join another game

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Interim options introduced, because the "right" options sometimes caused problems when opening during simulation.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Performance of the user bus improved

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Also in the 64bit version you are asked if you want to configure a new game controller automatically when you connect it.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Multiplayer - Bugfix: Time was set 1 hour forward after joining a game

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Multiplayer: Progress of time is now saved in order to rejoin a game at the latest position AND latest clocktime

    :Bugfix: Simulation: When objects are "clicked on" with the mouse, left and right mouse button can be pressed independently and simultaneously

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Complete revision of the internal functions around adding, editing and deleting hotkeys of all kinds

    :Bugfix: interim options and interim FIS: scrolling possible with live update

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: New refresh button for all layers :refreshalllayers: (Attention! Slow!)

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: New soil texture mode "Grid"

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: From now on you have to press the [Ctrl]-key while editing/creating objects and lines of any kind if you want to select other elements or helpers at the same time, e.g. to achieve aligns or snaps.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Scenery objects can be hidden

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Button to north the view

    :Bugfix: MapEditor - Bugfix: Gradient was also applied to relative paths

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: A freshly loaded map is not immediately shown as unsaved.

    :Bugfix: ContentTool: Third LOD level introduced

    - Content: New Berlin buildings

    - Content: DDR drop light (high double version)

    - Content: Berlin bus stops cube

    - Content: Slightly thicker version of the standard bus stop font

    - Content: Flipdot display adapted to the specifications in the lexicon

    :Bugfix: Content: Berlin tariff system and the special FIS files are now marked as public domain.

    - Content: Update of the containers of Steven, Pandemist and Yufa

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  • 1.EA.080

    :NewFeature: Simulation: AI humans! The first and most elaborate step towards passengers is done. From now on different people populate the maps. Soon they will also be able to get into vehicles, but we will need your help for that...

    :NewFeature: Simulation: The options maximum visibility distance of AI vehicles and AI humans are now working

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Added option for maximum visibility of pedestrians and for setting the number and density of pedestrians - these options can be used to disable pedestrians

    :NewFeature: Simulation: With [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Alt]+[E] a tree view of all modules of the currently selected vehicle is opened. From here you can select the Script Test window for all modules.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: The Script Test window has a protocol function which intercepts all broadcasts etc. A blacklist allows to hide specific entries, whereby all blacklist entries are interpreted as "contains". ("blabla" as input is interpreted as "*blabla*").

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Certain Unicode areas were not usable

    :Bugfix: Simulation/Plugins: ReceiveVarString procedure fixed

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Interim-PIS now loads much faster

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Black bus windows in the rear view mirror

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Pedestrian paths and people group polygons added. People-group polygons can be given a direction to which the placed people (with variation) align themselves. Alternatively, this feature can be disabled.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: When creating a new map or if it has to load tiles (i.e. the given DEM map or OpenStreetMap data) from our server, the MapEditor must be in online mode.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Helpers are always visible during the construction of lines etc., but can still only be activated with [Ctrl].

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: Helpers are visible when the mouse approaches

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: When typing a filter, keys with a function like [N] are locked for the MapEditor (to avoid accidentally placing a new object etc.)

    :Bugfix: MapEditor - Correction: Previously, and before inserting the corresponding button :snapZ:, when building a polygon, [Ctrl] enabled vertical adjustment. This doesn't make sense anymore, [Ctrl] simply adjusts the polygon as indicated by the button.

    :NewFeature: Content: Diorama now with pedestrian paths and new traffic lights for demonstration purposes.

    :Bugfix: Content - Bugfix: Stops-Cube - The maps streetcar timetable and fare information were both stored on "T". Tariff information is now stored at "I".

    :Bugfix: Content/Lexicon: P+R logo in Krüger fonts and lexicon fixed. All those who copied the P+R logo symbol for their own fonts directly from the lexicon must copy it again from the lexicon article.

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  • 1.EA.083


    :NewFeature: Simulation - GUI: Extensive revision of the vehicle configuration:

    • Module slots that are not marked "Important" by the vehicle manufacturer are no longer displayed in the standard overview of the vehicle. This is intended to improve the clarity, so - depending on the configuration - not necessarily mark all module slots with "important". The master modules (whose setting influences a few slave modules, such as exterior displays front --> side/rear) are mostly "important".
    • Modules that must not be empty can no longer be selected as "empty".
    • If available, the entered module name (Language entry!) is displayed in the selection list.
    • The extended module overview shows the module descriptions (Language entry!).
    • Between modules and constants there is now the "Advanced" button for opening the Advanced Configuration. All modules can be set there and also thumbnails and descriptions are displayed.
    • Master modules set slave modules. In the extended view this can also be disabled. For this purpose a button was added.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Open MP games are visible in the selection list even after starting the game

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Finetuning of crossing pedestrians

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Mouse click events are only applied to the module that was clicked (the same applies to the main vehicle)

    :Bugfix: Simulation: If you set the FIS to "Standard" at the start of a singleplayer game, this information is now also saved, so that the preselection of the FIS should be correct at the next game start

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Pass-through of floating values (of gamecontroller axis, mouse control, plugin dlls, ...) into modules, depending on cockpit index of active camera and module slot

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Swinging after placing a bus

    :NewFeature: Simulation/ContentTool: Retroreflections! :-) Please report bugs and unwanted behavior and stuff ;) Retroreflections in the material properties only for material type Complex.

    :NewFeature: Simulation/ContentTool: Master-Slave modules: A module can be given a list of module class-ContentID pairs. If a module with such a ContentID pair is selected on a module slot, a module will be assigned the ContentID stored in this list on all subsequent module slots whose class appears in the list.

    Example: An LED master outdoor display contains a list of all slave display classes and the corresponding ContentIDs of the slave modules belonging to this LED master outdoor display. If, for example, the LED display is to be used instead of the flip dot display on the GT6N, the LED only has to be selected on the master. However, if a different display is selected for the slaves, this display is used.

    :NewFeature: Simulation/ContentTool: Modules can be marked as "Important" and will only be displayed in the standard module overview of the vehicle.

    :NewFeature: Simulation/ContentTool: Modules are assigned the same repaint as the main vehicle. ATTENTION: It must be the same texture in any case! It is not enough if the original bitmap/-DDS has the same file name! The module must therefore be imported in the same working directory as the vehicle or the texture must be switched visible and selected manually from the texture list, whereby the correct (vehicle) container must be ensured! It is also important: The Repaint-Tool does not list the textures of all modules, but still only those of the main vehicle! So if you want to include a module texture in the Repaint, the vehicle must have at least one material that contains this texture.

    :NewFeature: Simulation/ContentTool: Module light sources should now appear completely in the main vehicle and scenery. The only restriction: The modules themselves do not have any light rooms, but all light sources of a module are assigned to the light room of the module slot.

    :NewFeature: Simulation/ContentTool: Module slots can be configured so that they are only active when a vehicle constant (integer or boolean) takes a certain value.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: When saving vehicles and modules the preview image is no longer generated automatically. Instead, the preview image can be generated specifically when necessary and everything can be configured and customized to your own taste. For scenery objects and splines of all kinds, the preview image is still generated every time you save, so you don't have to worry about it. So, now I hope for noice vehicle thumbnails, pantographs now please go up! :D

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: The modules configured by default can be displayed for the loaded vehicle

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: By showing the modules it is now possible to create thumbnails in which the vehicle carries modules and is not naked. Variables can also be changed for this purpose.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Modules can be equipped with visible name and description language ID.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: If the "unit dialog boxes" (e.g. general object settings) have the option of adding or deleting elements of a dynamic list (e.g. module slots, text text textures, sensors, etc.), then their elements can be moved up and down and thus the order can be changed. BUT CAUTION: This is an extremely far-reaching feature, so please use it with care and make backups before!

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Module slots have a cockpit index so that it is always clear on which modules keyboard entries should affect and which not.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: module slot parameter has been added to the module slot parameter, which prevents the possibility that no module is set at all. Useful, for example, for module device boards or module rearview mirrors, etc.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Modules can also contain real-time mirrors

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Objects can now also be rotated around the lateral and longitudinal axis. This is done either by entering the coordinates (right click ==> rotation) or by adopting the slope of the underlying terrain. In addition, the rotation can be copied from other objects.

    :Bugfix: MapEditor - Traffic light editor: If you adjust the length of a phase, the following phases slide correctly. In addition there is a checkbox which makes sure that all other phases slide along and the rotation time is adjusted.

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: In the spline settings the ContentID lists were empty.

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: Polygons can also snap to helpers, lines etc.

    :NewFeature: All: On program startup, if containers are ignored due to the same name and the same ContentID, this will be printed to the logfile.

    :Bugfix: Content - Diorama: Pedestrian phase at the traffic circle and streetcar phase at the southeast curve and "Z" phases at the northeast curve extended

    :NewFeature: Content: Traffic signs and streetcar signal boards configured retro-reflecting

    :NewFeature: Content: GT6N and ND313 send "VELOCITY" and "ATBUSSTOP"

    :NewFeature: Content: LCD modules from Tene now have a nice preview image, have been updated somehow and set their slaves well-behaved ;)

    :NewFeature: Content: Containers of Panda, Phillip, Yufa and Steven updated


    Known bugs:

    • Inverting gamecontroller axis doesn't work properly
    • New lag when loading a vehicle in the configuration
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  • 1.EA.085

    Dear fans, it's time to unwrap the presents! We, the LOTUS developers, together with the beta testers, the addon developers and all direct and indirect supporters of the LOTUS simulator wish you a Merry Christmas and much joy with this year's Christmas patch!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Passengers! From now on, people on the maps want to get on and off the vehicle. More features will follow, of course!

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Pedestrian performance improved.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Transparency order error between vehicle and modules in F1 and F2 view fixed.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Various dropdowns for vehicle and map selection are now sorted alphabetically

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Vehicle creators can now deliver module presets with their vehicles - the possibility to load them into the workshop will follow.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Vehicle constants will also be included in the module presets.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Vehicle constants are reset for preset "Standard

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Change of vehicle in vehicle selection took a long time

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Last selected vehicle also ingame

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Last selected entry point also ingame

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Matching entrypoint type with vehicle type (rails/streets), can be switched off via start parameter -noentrypointcheck

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Sorting function in the interim FIS

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Vehicle content selection for multiplayer completely reworked, including the possibility to save the selection and deliver it with addons of any kind. Here, too, the possibility to add them to the workshop in the ContentTool will be added. In addition, the possibility to automatically select only BaseContent has been added.

    NewFeature: Simulation: with /SetGamePrivate in the chat, the game can still be closed after the game has started.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: In the multiplayer disposition, the modules that a fellow player owns are now correctly displayed. For this, groups have to be newly created, this does not work with old groups.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Dropdown menu now with icons. Example applications: Favourites (currently hard coded) in singleplayer maps or entrypoint types in singleplayer entrypoint selection.

    :Bugfix: Simulation/ContentTool: Intercept if the script should access non-existent fonts

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Object files can be opened directly via command line - or differently: By specifying the ContentTool, the *.lob files can be opened directly from Windows via double click.

    :NewFeature: Content: New buildings and traffic light poles as well as "Ufo" light

    :NewFeature: Content - GT6N and DL: Equipped with passenger seats. No seats in the upper deck of the bus, because passengers can't duck yet ;-)

    :NewFeature: Content: Diorama now has stops

    :NewFeature: Content: BaseAddons from Panda, Steven and Yufa updated

    Have a nice time and a lot of fun on the first trips.

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  • 1.EA.090

    Please keep making backups of your work!

    :NewFeature: :NewFeature: :NewFeature: First publication of timetables. We are not finished yet, but need your feedback for the completion, so test diligently and report to us! :)

    What works:

    • Creation of stations with tracks and stops
    • Creation of routes with outward and return direction as well as through tracks, with automatic route finding
    • Different trip time profiles
    • Pre-planning of traffic days (weekdays, date ranges, public holidays, etc.)
    • Definition of routes with line and route code
    • Definition of trips with trip number, start time and individual trips times as well as deviating through tracks if necessary
    • Definition of lines with courses
    • Introduction of a 2D map for the above planning
    • Timetable selection in single player game
    • Display of next stops and deviation from target time in the game (Ctrl+T)
    • First script queries, see below
    • Tour plans
    • Consideration of traffic days in the game

    Coming up next:

    • Script query timetable times and delay
    • Individual import of public holidays and holiday periods
    • Creation of timetables outside the map in question, as a "mod"
    • Placing a new vehicle dependent on the chosen timetable
    • Timetable and passengers in multiplayer

    Special thanks to our timetable gurus:

    We know that the new timetable feature is very extensive. It is going to be an all-in-one solution that is supposed to be able to map (almost) all real relevant requirements. For this reason, there is no quick way to create a "simple" line. We will document the functions in detail when everything is finished. Until then, we have created a cookbook entry for first tests, which should make the first steps for your own maps easier. Detailed documentation will follow!

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Multiplayer: The number of users actually still in the game is displayed in the game overview.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Minor redesign of the ALT menu

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Possible reason for not quitting LOTUS after closing fixed

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Multiplayer: If you join a game afterwards, controls that are not activated, such as vehicle or entry point selection, are hidden instead of just deactivated

    :Bugfix: Simulation: When using Quickstart to load the last situation no further vehicles could be placed

    :Bugfix: Simulation: With preset module slots on the vehicle, the modules were reset when a constant was changed.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: In-game the last selected entry point is preselected

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Ingame the last selected PIS is preselected

    :Bugfix: Simulation: PIS files now in alphabetical order

    :Bugfix: Simulation: When selecting a traction the n+1st vehicle now has repaints in the list

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Multiplayer: Game master can change the time of the game even during the running game

    :NewFeature: Simulation: New option to invert the sign of the delay display in the game (Ctrl+T)

    :NewFeature: Simulation: In-game alarm clock can now also be set automatically at the next departure time

    :NewFeature: Simulation: New start parameter -instantquickstart causes LOTUS to press the quickstart button immediately after starting. Mostly this is the last map with the last vehicle at the last entry point at the last or current time (depending on the option). This way you get into the game a bit faster when testing.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Vehicle selection no longer jumps back to "Tram" if, for example, a "Locomotive" was previously selected.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: The playtime for workshop items is now tracked. This applies to vehicles, modules, repaints, FIS and maps - so far. Everything else must have been uploaded to the workshop once with the current ContentTool in order to be tracked.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Lag reduced when changing vehicles to vehicles with many modules or constants.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Long loading times for timetable selection

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Improvement of the loading time of the multiplayer games overview

    :NewFeature: :NewFeature: :NewFeature: MapEditor: Timetable logics implemented. This feature is extremely extensive and needs to be tested extensively. Feel free to ask for any help at any time, gladly also here in the NB thread.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Timetables: The start parameter -UseSimplePen ensures that the 2D window is drawn with a simpler technology, thus avoiding possible incompatibilities e.g. in Windows emulators.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Deep intervention in road construction

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: If you right-click on a curved line (reference line, routing element, spline, etc.), you get the option that the MapEditor constructs an alternative curve with transition arcs.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Timetables: Traffic days set for courses are applied for vehicle parts, if they are not already assigned to another traffic day (then they are

    :NewFeature: Simulator/MapEditor - Routes: Activation tracks can now be added to routes. If a vehicle is on such a track, then either, if it does not have a timetable set according to LOTUS, a corresponding route marked with a new option is inserted, or, if a timetable is set and if the vehicle is less than 2 minutes early, the appropriate route is inserted. This is how the principle is implemented, according to which, among others, railway interlockings work, where no device on the vehicle side is necessary, but an appropriately configured automatic or dispatcher ensures that the correct routes are set.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: The script can determine whether the vehicle is on a certain route and if so, whether it is on a station track and what this station is called. The distance between two stations along a route can also be measured.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Nightalpha brightness 244 now means that the night texture in the area marked in this way should always be lit, especially during the day, see here

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Import of textures can be started via command line: -t:{path}#{Start-ContentSubID}

    :Bugfix: ContentTool: Problem when creating new rails (circularity of selection windows) fixed

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Name and description of workshop items can now be bilingual

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Changenotes can now be entered when uploading workshops

    :NewFeature: ContentTool - Workshop: Now supports the display of the visibility state "not listed"

    :Bugfix: ContentTool: Vehicle module presets can now be loaded into the workshop. To do so, they must be located in the MyContent directory.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool - Workshop: Support of Unicode (name, description, patchnotes, container names, image names, what else?), still partly untested

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Gloss switched off by default

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: It is now saved which content is in which workshop item. With this information a search function for content can be implemented later and it will be possible to subscribe to the corresponding workshop from within LOTUS for an incompatible multiplayer game, if it is known.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool - PIS groups: declaration of an ITCS server added

    :NewFeature: Content: Diorama equipped with the new functions

    :NewFeature: Content: Working lore added by Steven3233 , Pandemist and Yufa. Have fun playing!

    :NewFeature: Content: Traffic signs from Yufa.

    :NewFeature: Content: Buildings and objects from Pandemist

    :NewFeature: Content: kerb height 22cm, transition 15cm => 22cm and back, transition 0cm => 5cm and back and transition 0cm => 15cm and back.

    :NewFeature: Content: More BaseAddon patch notes here: Presentations

    Known bug:


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  • 1.EA.090b

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Freeze when clicking on single player and possibly also when clicking on the options in the game.

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  • :flag_gb: Patch 1.EA.092

    Passenger information, passenger information everywhere!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: SAS (stationary announcement system) introduced. The system will include 14.000 voice modules, including all possible train types, times, train numbers, destinations - all freely configurable and in future also controllable in multiplayer from the control centre. What already works: Arrival and stand-by announcements, delay, connections, general announcements, "Continue as...". Feedback welcome! And the system is far from finished - more about that in the future! :)

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Extensive support for passenger information systems

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Timetables in multiplayer - so far rudimentary and not yet stitch-proof, improvements to follow!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Passengers get off or do not get on if the outside displays show either a "service" destination or the PIS destination of the track/station where the train stops.

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Timetables: Track number added to timetable information

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: New button "centre" in the entrypoints window, with which you can jump to the marked entrypoint on the map

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Timetables: In the trip window, the course number is added in front of the tour number, if applicable.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Objects can be configured as "only visible in MapEditor"

    :Bugfix: ContentTool: Problems if the ending of textures was not completely written in small letters (e.g. "*.DDS" instead of "*.dds")

    :NewFeature: Content: New, much more varied house spline

    :NewFeature: Content: Heaps of BaseAddons from Alper, Yufa, Steven, Panda, Tene - see here

    :NewFeature: Content: Diorama updated

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  • 1.EA.094

    At this point, many, many thanks to our hard-working testers of the NightlyBuilds! You have helped us a lot!

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Performance Patch:

    • :Bugfix: No black textures after some time in the simulation
    • :NewFeature: Numerous process optimisations, which are reflected in the simulation, reloading, placing and in the performance when the GUI is displayed.
    • :NewFeature: Texture reloading smoother
    • :NewFeature: Loading processes separated, reloading lags should have become considerably less!
    • :NewFeature: In case of high graphics memory load, the load on the graphics memory is reduced, e.g. by reducing the texture resolution. If this is disadvantageous, e.g. for taking screenshots, it can be switched off in the developer options.
    • :NewFeature: Options to reduce the texture resolutions of AI humans and AI vehicles separately. While the resolution of the textures of the buildings and objects is usually rather "tight" and you can see very quickly if you turn down the resolution, you will only notice this with the AI cars and people if you reduce them much more. Just try it out!
    • :NewFeature: In case of crashes, especially when using ATI cards, parallel texture and meshloading can be deactivated with the start parameter -nographicMT.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: If a line is specified in the timetable, it is now announced by SAS, otherwise - as always - the train/trip number.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: When selecting a timetable, the track number is also written in the rightmost text field after the station name.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Logfile: Graphic memory should now be entered correctly even with more than 4 GB.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Problems with different acceleration in forward and backward direction.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: The F4 view no longer centres on the "original ground", but on the actual ground created by the map developer.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: 2D map with station names and entry points for orientation. And the feature as a precursor for all other map features.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: It is only possible to save when "Tiles are being initialised..." is no longer displayed in the bottom left of the status bar. This could possibly solve the problem that tracks disappear from time to time.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: If "Update all paths/routes and trips" is clicked, then their stations and paths are now also regenerated.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Splines now also support Ambient Occlusion.

    :NewFeature: Simulation/MapEditor: If problems occur with the delay calculation, then click on "btnRefreshTrips" in the timetable window in the MapEditor.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: function StatPIS_GetLatestVehOnTrip(self: integer; tripindex: integer): boolean; returns whether the train that will serve the trip specified by tripindex is already on this trip and has left the first stop. "False" is returned if the vehicle is still on a previous trip, has not yet left the starting stop or is already on the next trip. If more than one vehicle is on the same round trip, the last vehicle to leave will be considered.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: The size of light space textures can now be adjusted.

    :NewFeature: ContentTool - Script: Coding of RC_PIS variables adapted. See https://www.lotus-simulator.de…tiplayer-Stationary-train

    :Bugfix: ContentTool: TexGetFontIndex() now returns -1 if the font was not found.

    :NewFeature: Content: Lots of new BaseContent, see here, and many thanks to our hard-working developers, including from now on Seeadler, Klamtus and Variobahn!

    :Bugfix: Content - Flipdot displays: Bus front display enlarged to the new module target height of 40 cm, pure target side display should work again and preview images made nicer

    :Bugfix: Content - Diorama: Sperberstraße corrected, e.g. in Route 49-1

    :NewFeature: Content: Bicycle lane end piece with parallel lowering curb

    :NewFeature: Content: New buildings and pavement spline pieces

    :NewFeature: Content - GT6N: Now supports glued-together announcements via broadcast "ANNOUNCE_GLUED" (see Standardised Module Slots)

    :NewFeature: Content: New Berlin Buildings

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  • :flag_gb: Patch 1.EA.095

    :NewFeature::NewFeature::NewFeature: Simulation: Scheduled AI!

    • Work still in progress :)
    • Whether AI is used depends both on the setting in the AI options and on the AI priority set in the timetable: If, for example, "important" is set there, AI vehicles are generated if the user sets the AI option to "important", "also unimportant" or "all". If, on the other hand, "very unimportant" is set here, only one AI vehicle is placed if the user sets the slider to "all".
    • The AI priority can be set for each route, each course, each trip and/or each round. The following applies here:
      • As soon as the tour is edited (pencil symbol), whatever is set there applies, regardless of what is set in the courses, trips or routes. The property can be changed by right-clicking in the light grey bar of the tour and selecting the desired priority from the context menu.
      • When automatically generating the tours, the priorities are taken according to the hierarchy course-trip-way, i.e. either the priority is taken directly from the course, unless "like trips" is selected there or no course exists. Then the value is taken from the trip, unless "like way" is set there, in which case the priority of the way is used.
      • The automatic creation of the tours takes into account the setting of the priorities! If the priority of an individual trip is changed, it is removed from the tour and, if necessary, a new tour is created with the corresponding priority.
    • What is already working:
      • Spawn/Despawn, also when changing the time
      • Transitions of the trips (after the end of the trip, the vehicle starts the next trip according to the tour)
      • Change of direction/bidirectional vehicles
      • side selective opening of doors
      • Indicators
      • Traffic lights
      • Traffic light requests
      • Set routes/switches
    • What is not yet working:
      • Passengers
      • Possibly still a problem here or there with displays
      • No support of pure door release yet, all doors are always opened
      • Coupling/strengthening/weakening does not yet work
    • If AI vehicles run into each other: If you add AI to your map using existing train plans, then they need to be "updated" once:
      • MapEditor, Load Map
      • "Gen. Configuration" ==> "Train plans"
      • For all "concrete vehicles" in the main list, which should be used in the AI, open the "Edit" dialog once
      • Select another vehicle once in the upper list and then select the correct vehicle again, unfortunately the properties and repaints have to be set again then
      • Confirm with OK and also confirm the train plan dialog with OK, save and pack
    • In order for AI vehicles to re-activate traffic light requests (trigger-independent), the relevant paths must be added to the request. This is done in the same way as the request optics are added to the corresponding request.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Movie-ControlCenter (open with Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Z (or Y))

    :Bugfix: Simulation: CockpitId for "OnFloatInput"

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Switches are now opened and are (still) configured as fallback switches. This should prevent the rear part of the trains in multiplayer and the AI from "jumping" to change track. ==> Extensive programming of the switch logic was necessary. Please therefore pay attention to whether there are errors with the switches.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: When a timetable is selected, any vehicle that has already travelled this round will be deleted.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Traffic light lines lower to fit more in the window

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: Existing timetable could no longer be processed

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: There is a new object "Signal Position". Its properties can be opened via the context menu and the entry "Signal position properties". This object can "represent" different types of signal, velocity signs, speed limits and stop signal.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor: Input option for maximum speed and indicator setting of tracks

    :NewFeature: Content: Lots of new BaseContent from our lovely developers!

    :NewFeature: Content: New overhead line elements: Hangers for catenary traction power crossbars and guy wires with tensioners

    :Bugfix: Content: Blue balconies in Häuserspline 30 decoloured

    :NewFeature: Content: Among others, the typical GDR pavement light of the type "RSL-1", as well as new buildings.

    :NewFeature: Content: Double-bar overhead contact line masts for flexible installation of catenary systems

    :NewFeature: Content: Advertising clock

  • Since it had fallen down behind - to all vehicle scripters:

    AI vehicles transmit as "RC_PIS_Terminus" the value 65535 (hexadecimal: $FFFF), with which they communicate that one should determine the terminus via "RC_PIS_Line", "RC_PIS_Route" and "RC_PIS_StopSeq" from the FIS group!

    At the moment "RC_PIS_StopSeq" is not written yet, but is always 0. Please use it anyway already!

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    Changed the title of the thread from “LOTUS Patch notes - 1.EA.095” to “LOTUS Patch notes - 1.EA.096”.
  • 1.EA.096

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Timetable AI: NOW ALSO IN MULTIPLAYER! :-)

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Timetable AI: Use of the reversing lights, switching on the passenger compartment lighting.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable AI: Desktop crash with logfile message "STV-E_4-11 - STV-E_4" fixed.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable AI: Constant re-signing of the displays of AI vehicles when they are in the user focus.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable AI: Vehicles are no longer spawned into each other, but sorted by departure time

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Switches are blocked by vehicles standing on them only if they really stand with their wheels on the top of the switch and not if e.g. only the coupler is above the switch .

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable AI: Non-observance of a higher speed caused by a signal, if the signal is configured in a way that the train has to pass the signal completely before accelerating.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable AI: Work on the spawn direction of the trains, possibly bugs fixed?

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable AI: Flashing side correct, no matter how paths, trains or direction of travel are facing each other.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - all AI: Indicator-on distance reduced.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Destination entered into Ctrl+T display.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - AI: Cars can be "clicked away" again

    :NewFeature: Simulation - Timetable AI: Buses can now also drive on road paths that no non-scheduled traffic is allowed to drive on

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: Non-acceptance of vehicle constants in the wagon order planning (as well as language entry support there).

    :NewFeature: ContentTool: Other colours for passenger paths and seats

    :NewFeature: Content: Lots of new BaseContent from our dear developers! See here.

    :Bugfix: Content - GT6N: Kinks as AI in curves no longer so unrealistically strong

    :NewFeature: Content: Two Berlin buildings

    :NewFeature: Content: Diorama map and in OpenSource folder updated

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  • 1.EA.097

    :NewFeature: Simulation - AI: Road paths are now allowed to be open! Vehicles disappear when they drive beyond open path ends and are (distributed according to traffic density) spawned on those paths that have an open beginning.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable: Trip transition had stopped working properly.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable: Automatic switch setting by line+route fixed.

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable AI: Partially unlimited (reverse) driving fixed

    :Bugfix: Simulation - Timetable AI: Mixing up of cars and trains should be fixed now

    :Bugfix: Simulation - AI: Logic tweaked, hopefully with success ;-)

    :Bugfix: ContentTool - Script: ATTENTION: TimetableGetTempStnListCount was implemented incorrectly and gave the number of the highest element instead of the number of elements (number - 1). This has been corrected, so the procedure now correctly returns the number.

    :Bugfix: MapEditor - Place objects: Removed lag when placing a new object or a copy of an object.

    :NewFeature::NewFeature::NewFeature: Early-Access-Release of the map "Berlin", details see here, comments please here

    :NewFeature: Content: Lots of new BaseContent from our dear developers, for patch notes see here

    :NewFeature: Content: New signal boards for the overhead line: Black Sh7, St1 (with and without yellow stripes), St7

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  • 1.EA.097a

    ATTENTION: Due to the change in saving the map and the new split of the map backups, please create a backup of a map immediately after loading it before continuing to work on it!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: The ingame clock (Ctrl+C) can be moved to a separate window - just press the small black button next to the clock. Will be implemented for the ingame timetable too, but is not finished yet. With a click on the clock on the separate window it can be inverted.

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Workshop item search in the splash screen can be prevented with the start parameter -noWScheck. Please use only to save time and with common sense, not in general. No liability will be accepted for consequential damage ;)

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - Additional data is stored in the working directory, so that loading and saving the tiles in the MapEditor (only there!) takes a little longer, but the initialisation time is much shorter.

    :NewFeature: MapEditor - When backing up, zip files larger than 1 GB are split up so that the individual zip files are smaller than 1 GB.

    :NewFeature: Content: Lots of new BaseContent from our dear developers, see patch notes here.

    :NewFeature: Content - GT6N: Now supports FIS announcements with composite blocks

    :NewFeature: Content: New buildings

  • Server update:

    :Bugfix: AI no longer drives on the same tour as a player vehicle (no more duplicate vehicles). However, if the player disconnects, the AI cannot currently take the tour again. This will be implemented within another big feature ;)

  • 1.EA.098

    Attention: Please create map backups!!!

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Update of the Steam API to the current version. According to the current status, there are problems with it under Linux. Dear Linux users, please contact us so that we can investigate the problem more closely.

    :Bugfix: Simulation: Tour list sorted by departure time in multiplayer (in the configuration of the game)

    :NewFeature: Simulation: Buildings higher than 50m are not subject to the visibility limit. At the moment they are still only visible if their tile is loaded and displayed; but this will be changed later for *really* large visibility ranges of tall objects! :-)

    :NewFeature: Tool - LOTUS Typewriter added. This tool can be used to create the bitmap for a new bitmap font by simply selecting a font and size and typing in the characters to be included in the font. Examples of use: Displays, stop texts, street signs.

    :Bugfix: MapEditor: The thinking second(s) after finishing splines (strongly?) reduced (final left click). Attention: Due to this change it could happen that the drawing (rendering) order of overlapping but not intersecting splines with the same priority and the same category (terrain, marker or normal), changes. However, this is completely irrelevant for normal and terrain splines, as the render order usually has no effect here. At most, crossing marker splines or polygons could look slightly different, as long as they do not intersect.

    :NewFeature: Content - Berlin: The streets, pavements, tram tracks, street lights, traffic lights, stops, AI car and pedestrian paths of the first kilometre of the 100 (:O: - :busleft:) from the final stop Memhardstraße to the intersection of Karl-Liebknecht-Straße and Spandauer Straße as well as another kilometre around it, especially the connection to Hackescher Markt via Spandauer Straße, were completely rebuilt. In this context, a not entirely unimportant building has also been added... ;-) Further development will follow, of course!

    :Bugfix: Content - Berlin: A few bugfixes to the existing part, especially height problems of the pedestrians.

    :NewFeature: Content: New light types, new buildings

    :NewFeature: Content: Update BaseAddons, see here

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