H5 Suburban Railway Line

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    H5 Suburban Railway Line

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    Discover Budapest's most busy suburban railway line which transports hundreds of thousand people every day, from the suburb Szentendre to the capital Budapest! The line originally opened in 1888 with steam locomotives, and in the early 1900's the line got electrified. From the day of opening the line already had (almost) the length as we know it today, which is 21,2 kilometers. The last few hundred meters has been built in 1970, where the line went from the overground station Margit híd to underground and arrived to Batthyány tér the current terminal where it would nowadays.

    In-game the two endstations have been built completely, and Békásmegyer the other end station for a line that runs only in Budapest in a shorter section.


    Link to commentary thread (in this forum): [Please add immediately!]

    H5 Suburban Railway Line

    Link to item in Steam Workshop: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2796813793

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  • Version EA.09

    -Finally announced a small part of the replacement bus lines

    -AI. added to the map

    -"Place of stopping" sign from Hungary added to each station

    -Small Improvements, and bug fixes

    Version EA.09b

    -Fixed every buggy platforms, and improved them

    -Platform at Szentendre

    Version EA.09c

    -Pannónia Lake at Pannóniatelep

    -New railway crossings (in the future coming more)

    -As usual bugfixes, and improvements

  • Version EA.10 - Rail Condition Update!

    -Between Szentendre and Békásmegyer the tracks are replaced to worse, to make it more realistic

    -In some places the tracks have been renovated so they are also much smoother, and the difference can be felt

    -Near the switches range the concrete ties replaced to wood ties and even at Pomáz in the big curve

  • Version EA.11

    -Catenary at Szentendre (Not yet finished)

    -Improved Békásmegyer's environment

    //In the next update: BIG PERFORMANCE UPDATE!//

  • Version EA.12 - Performance update and many more!

    Performance update:

    -Replaced the 3D tie tracks to 2D tie tracks, this should increase the FPS very much

    -From now, there are no ties at the switches only ballast (because with 2D tracks its buggy)


    -The tracks new height from ground is 0.16 meter

    -Improved and fixed Szentendre and Békásmegyer's environment


    -Added the last part of the map the Margit híd - Batthyány tér part, which goes underground [Please note, that the tunnel and the stations are NOT finished yet]

  • Version EA.12a

    -added Békásmegyer's station building and the roof for the platform

    /Please subscribe for the H5 Suburban Railway line - SceneryObjects in the steamworkshop to get every object, spline, polygon, etc. which the map use!/

  • Version EA.13

    -AI. Humans!

    - Now the passengers are waiting for the arrving train at stops, stations platform

    -Improved the terrain on the whole map

    -Improved the rail crossings

    -Improved Békásmegyer's environment

  • Hello everyone!

    A new version of the map has been released a few weeks ago, and the map is constantly developing, so stay tuned!

    :NewFeature: Updated Szentendre's, Békásmegyer's and Pannóniatelep's environment

    :NewFeature:Improved Szentendre's environment, added City Public Transport Museum tracks, added 3 abonded tracks next to the storage track, added sidewalk to the bus station, added roof above the suburban railway middle platform.

    :NewFeature:Added Szentendre station buliding, improved Szentendre's environment

    :NewFeature::NewFeature::NewFeature:Terrain update wich includes a complete rework of the whole map terrain, this can not be really noticed only between Szentendre and Békásmegyer

    :NewFeature::NewFeature:Fully developed underground section with the detailed endstation, Batthyány tér

    :Bugfix:Fixed every bug or missing things on the map

    (feel free to report any bugs or missing things which you encounter)

    In the next update Margit híd felszíni megálló and Békásmegyer's environment will be developed next


  • Hello everyone!

    Today i want to share with you my schedule on trello, where you can track what and when will be finished on the map, and if you are aware you can spot a new update time too ;)

    Link: https://trello.com/b/3NvyP1jw/ATTIc47288e835d51a6b1582a2206b9999848841E8AA/h5-last-updated-legutobb-frissitve-20221213

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm back with an update on the project, and i also brought you some cheering up video! :) Link: Promo video

    Here are the changelogs for the past updates:

    Version EA.17

    :NewFeature: Renewed, better endstation Batthyány tér
    :NewFeature: Added underground station Margit híd, budai hídfő
    :NewFeature: Added overground station Szentlélek tér (not complete)
    :Bugfix: Improvements at Békásmegyer, Szentendre

    Version EA.18

    :NewFeature::NewFeature:Working signal system on the underground section, between Margit híd, budai hídfő and Batthyány tér
    :NewFeature:Every sign (like slow signals etc.) have been placed on the map accordingly to real life
    :NewFeature:Csillaghegy environment update
    :NewFeature:Full catenary system at Szentendre

    :Bugfix: Szentlékek tér station improvements

    Version EA.19

    :NewFeature: Catenary poles between Aquincum and Filatorigát stops (Catenary will be added in a later update, currently the consoles for the catenary poles are in wip.)
    :NewFeature: Added both platforms to Kaszásdűlő stop
    :NewFeature: Improved Aquincum stop environment
    :NewFeature: Early stage of railway stop at Aquincum which crosses the suburban railway