Clubs, museums, qualification and training

The simulator for clubs, museums and education

LOTUS is perfectly suited for exhibitions of all kinds! Our claim to reality is the figurehead of our simulator. Together with ambitious addon developers, any conceivable vehicle, historical or modern, prototype or series vehicle, self-built or subtype can be implemented for the simulator - and any suitable map can be built or simply used. Depending on your own ideas, the vehicles can be technically equipped down to the last detail or run in a simplified mode that is child- and beginner-friendly. The operation can be done with keyboard and mouse, with game controller or - best of all - with disused original components.

The LOTUS version for clubs and museums

  • is permanently free
  • is not tied to the Steam platform
  • does not require Internet
  • has a direct start mode, in which a specific map and a specific vehicle are loaded directly at program start, without further clicks, compatible with autostart shortcuts or command line executions
  • has a reset button with which the vehicle can be reset to its starting position at any time

Features for clubs and museums that LOTUS brings with it anyway

  • technical depth of detail can be switched off on request (simple mode)
  • universal hardware interface
  • Vehicle itself can be hidden if the simulator is connected to real desks or driver workstations, for example
  • LOTUS also runs on beamers or multiple monitors

What we also offer museums and clubs

  • Help with setting up LOTUS on a computer
  • Consultation and procurement of a suitable computer, if desired
  • Support in the development of the interface between LOTUS and the plugin, which receives information from the console/driver's workstation and forwards user actions


  • The simulator is available to the public during opening times or events
  • The simulator project should already be in or shortly before the implementation phase
  • there is a project coordinator/contact person/responsible person
  • The association stands behind the project :)

Of course...

  • may be demanded and kept money for the use of the simulator
  • may our supplied standard content be used free of charge instead of your own content
  • may LOTUS also be sold in the museum shop
  • several identical or different workplaces may be set up in the same museum ;)

Qualification and training

LOTUS is suitable as a professional training simulator due to the depth of detail of technology and systems, the possibilities in the accuracy of the implementation of the route, the interactions of the vehicle with the environment (e.g. switch setting, signals, later also disconnectors, etc.). Please note that the simulator is currently under development and therefore does not yet have all the required functions.

A driving school mode is also planned - and we can talk personally about special functions of all kinds at any time.


We are happy to answer your questions - museums, associations and transport companies can contact verkehrsbetriebe[]at[] directly by e-mail.