For the first time, bus, tram and train are simulated extremely realistic in a single game – and you can drive them, build them or create the world around. LOTUS – simulation will never be the same!



LOTUS includes all means of transport in one game: O like Omnibus, T like Tram, S like Suburban Train, U like Underground - and even related transport carriers. The L stands for headquarters, which translates to Leitstelle in German.

Thoroughgoingly realistic

No matter if graphically, acoustically, technically or physically - LOTUS is made for perfectionists and enthusiasts, because any detail that adds to the real ride can be implemented true to the original.

Schedule & Traffic

Driving under real conditions? LOTUS makes it possible! Lines can be attached to real schedules and the colleague greets from the opposite direction. Realistic traffic ensures one or two headaches during rush-hour.

Map Editor

The Map Editor packs a punch. It is fully saturated with comprehensive features concerning infrastructural and path construction, scheduling and tour planning, landscaping and city planning. Everybody is able to create beautiful maps for himself and the community.

Import- & configuration tool

Vehicles have to be configured considerably. The content tool provides everything what is needed: Material settings, like transparency or surface character, animations, sounds, scripts and much more.

Hardware interface

LOTUS is able to handle the most different input devices - from keyboard and mouse up to game controller, pedals or steering wheel. But if all this is still not enough, one can plug in its self-made driver's desk and control it with original component parts.

It all begins in Berlin...

The first city in LOTUS is Berlin - and it can be driven along with typical modern vehicles of Berlin. We are specially addicted to the Berlin public transport for a long time and with LOTUS we create a beautiful tribute to it.

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