University of LOTUS...

Are you studying something "boring" and want to complete it in an exciting way?

You want to make LOTUS science your own?

You have an extraordinary idea?

Yes, yes and yes!

Then watch out: We offer interested students the opportunity to use the LOTUS simulator in cooperation with Oriolus Software GmbH for writing their thesis (Bachelor/Master). So you write a practical thesis in our company.

Why is that?

Quite simple: We are convinced that both sides benefit from it. You can master your thesis with a very unusual topic and at the same time LOTUS grows with it. Win-win. :)

What previous knowledge is useful?

Ideally, you are already familiar enough with the LOTUS simulator itself and the tools. This way, you can get started right away and incorporate your knowledge into the initial conceptualisation of your thesis.

Which topics are conceivable?

There are two scenarios within which there are no limits to your imagination:

  • On the one hand, you can use LOTUS in the already existing range of functions. Examples are analyses of infrastructure measures or of operational concepts. In this case, the LOTUS simulator becomes a simulator ;) of different scenarios and thus serves to represent the situations to be analysed. If you need smaller features in LOTUS for the implementation of the experiments, we may patch them into the simulator.
  • On the other hand, you may be of the opinion that a very specific feature is still missing in the LOTUS simulator, for which you have gathered enough expertise during your studies to develop a detailed requirements and implementation plan in your thesis. With the help of this plan, we can then expand the simulator to include the feature you have developed.

Why only theses? Why no "normal" term papers?

Of course, we would like to be able to supervise you during this time. This would also be the case for smaller projects. That's why we limit ourselves to final theses, because they can go deep enough in terms of content to make the supervision effort worthwhile. You think your idea is worth it? Contact us and we will have a closer look!

How can we get started?

If the above conditions apply to you and you would like to write your thesis in cooperation with us, then we look forward to receiving your enquiry here.

And that really works?

No joke. :-D We have already successfully supervised three theses in cooperation with students and the LOTUS simulator. Due to the good experiences with this, we would like to offer this option to other interested parties and are curious to see what else will be researched with and for LOTUS. :)

Text: MarvinK