Content Teams

  • The content can be created using a team ID, so the content is linked to the team, not to a specific person.

    1 Select a team

    If you are part of a team, you can select your team ID or you own ID in a popup window when starting the Content Tool or Map Editor. You have to consider which ID you should use. The content created or imported with the privat ID, remains not visible to others.

    Both tools show the current ID you are using in the start up dialog. The content created in this session has the previous selected ID. You can only open content with the same team ID selected (except if you have the rights to modify the content).

    2 Work offline with team content

    You can work on team content offline aswell. The certificate to work on team content disappears 7 days after the last login. Also this certificate to work offlineis not portable to other computers. In conclusion you have to connect once to the steam server and the LOTUS server with every computer you want to work with offline on team content.

    3 Save a preselection

    There is a possibility to save the selection whcih team ID you want to use. This function will save this selection for 12 hours, afterwards the selection window will show up again. So you don't have to select your ID on every start up. If you want to change the ID within the 12 hours you can use the Button "reset Team ID". On the next start up the popup shows up again.

    4 Manage a team

    You can manage a team within the Content Tool under the button "Teams". To do so the Content Tool should be connected to the server. The user interface shows a list of all teams you created.

    After selecting a team all team members get listed below.

    4.1 Special options for team admins

    The user which creates the team is defined as the admin of the team. The admin has the rights to

    • open up every content of the team with both Tools
    • manage team members and their rights
    • upload container to the Workshop

    4.2 Create a team

    You can create a team by clicking on the button below the list of teams. One user can create up to 8 teams. At the moment teams can't be deleted.

    4.3 Change the name of a team

    The name of a team is used to keep the overview and can be changed anytime.

    When reserving tiles in Planet LOTUS the team name appears too.

    Keep in mind that the name of a team should not be longer than 32 characters.

    4.4 Add or delete team members

    You have to select the team, then the button add or delete has to be clicked.

    If you want to add a user, a search window pops up. You have to add at least one character of the name of the wanted user. Otherwise the list remains empty. The user has to be selected, click "OK" to register this user as a team member.

    Important: The newly added user has not the right to use the team ID in the Content Tool or the Map Editor. You have to assign several rights, so the selection window shows up when the user is starting one of the tools.

    To delete a user you have to select him in the team member list and press the button "delete". Afterwards a confirmation dialog appears. A former team member can be added anytime, you must assign the rights a second time.

    4.5 Set rights to team members

    Team members need the rights to work on the team content with the LOTUS Tools.

    So you select the team in the team list, then select the team member and check or uncheck the checkboxes to set the rights. Afterwards you have to click on "Send" to apply the rights. If you successfully set the rights, the team member you manipulated has the rights written in brackets behind his name.

    4.6 Copyrighted rights

    The copyright of content created with a team ID remains at the actual author.

    The usage rights of the content should be saved by the team admin before the beginning of the content creation. Maybe set up a contract.