First Aid: Tool freezes while "Checking edit rights"

  • Especially when editing content from other people, it can happen that the ContentTool or the MapEditor hangs while the dialog box "Check edit rights" is visible.

    Since the Internet connection or similar can also be a problem, you should wait a little before taking any action!

    The following steps are generally harmless and very often lead to success if the problem only occurs during packing:

    • For security reasons, make a backup of the entire working directory of the affected content (e.g. the map subfolder within the map working directory set in the MapEditor options)
    • Switch to the export subfolder
    • There you should find the file "LOTUScontdescr" - delete it!
    • Try again to save and pack the affected content. The tool will create a new file with the same name.

    If the content is "swapped back", the problem may occur again with the other author. Then simply proceed again as described.